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Susan Launay

Senior Chemist/Lab Manager

Chemical & Physical Ecology Program

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans


Susan participates in all of the research and contract water quality and monitoring projects in the Chemical and Physical Ecology department, including the Red Tide project and the continuous monitoring of Sarasota Bay. Susan analyzes water samples for many nutrients using an Autoanalyzer 3 instrument, and also analyzes other aspects of water quality including color, turbidity, BOD, and conductivity. She participates in field preparations, field sampling, and sample processing. She has developed automated methods to analyze urea and biogenic silica in coastal and estuarine waters. Susan has dramatically increased the lab’s capacity and ability to analyze large quantities of samples by developing and improving automated analysis methods.


M.S. in Chemistry, Michigan Technological University 
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University