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Green Sea Turtle

Chelonia mydas

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Green Sea Turtle


Green turtles grow to be three or four feet (0.91-1.22 meters) in length and weigh 300-350 pounds (136.1-158.8 kilograms).


Green turtles eat a wide variety of vegetation including algae and seagrasses. They'll also snack on insects, worms, sponges, dead fish and smaller invertebrates. As green turtles reach adulthood, they become more herbivorous in nature.


Hang tough is a blind green turtle that came to Mote’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital in 1992 with severe head injuries that damaged both optic nerves. We helped Hang Tough recover, but due to blindness, this animal cannot survive in the wild. Mote is honored to provide this ancient survivor with a lifelong home and the support needed to thrive. Mote’s animal care experts have spent many hours helping Hang Tough learn to┬ánavigate this specially designed habitat.