Patient Story

Patient Updates

05/31/2024 Turtle was found wedged in the rocks in front of Marine Max in New Pass on City Island, Sarasota County. Exam findings show that turtle is underweight and there is a large amount of epibiota on turtle’s carapace. Blood work shows moderate anemia and low blood glucose. “Dear Liza” (transported to Mote in a bucket) was given subcutaneous fluids with calcium and dextrose and injectable antibiotics. Turtle is in a rehab. pool in very shallow water due to extreme buoyancy issues. Ate a few small pieces of shrimp and squid and a piece of sea grass.
06/07/2024 Buoyancy issues have improved so the water level in the tank was raised a couple of inches. Dear Liza was consistently biting at food but has not consumed anything in a few days. Continues to receive subcutaneous fluids with calcium and an antibiotic injection every three days until eating.