Patient Updates

This turtle was found just offshore from Holmes Beach entangled in monofilament fishing line. The turtle is very emaciated and has many fibropapilloma tumors. It was admitted to the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital for treatment. It has been started on antibiotics and fluids. 

01/29/2006 Turtle is responding to treatment and seems somewhat more alert and stronger. Turtle ate (small amount of squid) for the first time this morning. 

02/01/2006 Turtle continues to eat very small amounts, but is stronger each day. 

02/11/2006 Now eating better and gaining weight. Planning to remove tumors in about one week. 

02/22/2006 Turtle had laser surgery yesterday to remove all of the tumors and began to eat again this morning. 

02/26/2006 Turtle seems to be recovering very well from the surgery. Appetite is excellent. 

03/05/2006 Turtle is doing very well and surgery sites are healing well. 

03/12/2006 Surgery sites continue to heal well and turtle is gaining weight. 

03/22/2006 Continuing to heal well and gain weight. 

03/29/2006 Turtle is continuing to do very well. 

04/11/2006 Radiographs today indicated that there may be internal tumors present. We will investigate it further. 

04/24/2006 Turtle continues to do well. 

05/02/2006 Laparoscopy was performed yesterday and turtle was euthanized because of internal tumors.