Bashful (Seven Dwarfs)

Rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis)

(MML 0414-C, HBOI 0420)

Age Class Adult
Gender Female
Date Stranded August 5, 2004
Location of Stranding Hutchinson Island, Florida (near Ft. Pierce)
Date of Arrival August 7, 2004
Number of Days of Care 206 days

Final Disposition

Released March 3, 2005 off Ft. Pierce, FL

Sleepy (l) and Bashful with Sneezy floating behind

This dolphin stranded with about 37 others of the same species. All were pushed back, but restranded again. Dolphin was brought to the Dolphin and Whale Hospital with six others of the same group for rehabilitation.

8/9 Dolphin has pneumonia, high white count, and liver problems as well as external wounds. Giving antibiotics and fluids.

8/15 Dolphin is doing somewhat better and is now eating.

8/21 Dolphin continues to improve.

8/23 Dolphin is now gaining weight and continuing to improve.

8/25 This dolphin seems better each day. It has started playing with EEDs.

8/27 Dolphin continues to gain weight and is doing very well.

8/30 Dolphin's lungs are finally clear. Still gaining weight and doing well.

9/1 Dolphin is becoming more playful and active.

9/3 Dolphin continues to do very well. We are preparing for Hurricane Frances, so the next update may be a few days away.

9/5 During the early stages of Hurricane Frances, this dolphin became very lethargic and quit eating. Although there were tropical storm winds, staff and volunteers went in with the dolphin and collected blood and administered fluids and antibiotics. Dolphin is not looking good at all. Will be going back in as soon as the winds subside somewhat before dark. All other dolphins are doing well.

9/7 Dolphin appears to be having liver failure, but is improving slightly. Not eating much and having to be tubed daily.

9/8 Dolphin has begun to eat again.

9/9 Dolphin has shown dramatic improvement in the last 24 hours. Is now eating well and taking all meds.

9/13 Dolphin is better one day, then not so good the next. Still eating and getting all meds, which helps, and is still hanging in there.

9/16 Dolphin is much improved and eating well at this point. White count is still high, but responding to antibiotics.

9/19 White count is down dramatically and dolphin continues to improve. Active and playful again.

9/21 Much better and appetite is very good.

9/23 Continuing to do very well.

9/29 Dolphin is doing well, but white count is slightly elevated. Have changed antibiotics.

10/1 White count is improved, but appetite is variable. We performed bronchoscopy and broncho-alveolar lavage this morning and found mild bronchitis, tracheitis, and pneumonitis. Otherwise, doing very well.

10/9 Dolphin is doing very well. Respirations seem much improved. Will repeat BAL next week.

10/12 Dolphin continues to do well. Repeating BAL tomorrow morning.

10/15 BAL revealed still mild bronchitis and pneumonitis. Dolphin has been started on new antifungal.

10/19 Dolphin is doing well, although it misses an occasional feed.

10/21 Dolphin is more active than recently. Appetite is also better.

10/26 Dolphin is now very active and appetite is excellent. Blood work is looking good.

10/29 Appetite is definitely great and dolphin is very active.

11/4 Continuing to do very well.

11/8 Blood work this morning looked normal and everything else looks good.

11/12 Still doing very well.

11/18 Continuing to do well.

11/22 Appetite is off slightly, probably due to a new antibiotic. Behavior is fine.

12/6 Appetite has fully returned and dolphin is very active again.

12/15 Continuing to do very well.

12/22 Dolphin is doing very well. Very active and gaining weight.

12/27 Continuing to do very well.

1/5/05 Doing very well. Continues to be very active.

1/10 Still very active and gaining weight.

1/14 Dolphin has been taken off meds. Still doing very well.

1/17 Back on meds for a short time, but doing very well.

1/23 Continuing to do very well. Still active and gaining weight.

2/6 Still doing very well.

2/15 Dolphin is doing very well. We have applied for release in the near future.

2/22 Dolphin is off all meds and continues to do very well.

3/2 We have received permission from NMFS to release these three dolphins and all will be released by the end of the week.

3/4 Dolphins were all released about 18 miles east of Ft. Pierce, FL yesterday morning at about 10:30 am. All three had satellite transmitters and we are already receiving data from all three animals. Last night late, all three were together about 50 miles east of Melbourne, FL.

3/5 The three dolphins are still together and are headed NNE. They are about 100 miles east of Jacksonville, FL.

3/7 Dolphins have turned more east and are not moving such great distances now. Last full report still had them all together.

3/21 Transmitter from Sneezy is no longer transmitting, but there is no indication that the dolphin is not with the others. The other two are together, now off the coast of North Carolina-Virginia.

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