Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded January 23, 2021
Location of Stranding Don Pedro Island, Charlotte County
Date of Arrival January 23, 2021
Number of Days of Care 41 days

01/23/2021 Turtle was found washed ashore on Don Pedro Island.  It has numerous fabropapilloma tumors on its body including on its eyes.  Turtle was transported to Mote.  It had blood drawn and was given fluids and injectable antibiotics.He failed his water test so was dry-docked overnight.

01/24/2021  "Brownlee" was given subcutaneous fluids and was moved to a tank in shallow water.  

01/25/2021  Brownlee ate today!

02/03/2021  Brownlee continues to eat well and is more active.  He is still being kept in shallow water and is receiving an antibiotic injection every 3 days.

02/12/2021  Water depth in the tank was raised to full.  Brownlee is much more active and eating well.

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