Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)


Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded
Location of Stranding
Date of Arrival January 31, 1998
Number of Days of Care 4 Years

Final Disposition

Buster was released on 21 August 2001 in Gullivan Bay, south of Naples, FL

Buster came to Mote as a hatchling after the end of hatching season. A person found him as a hatchling and took him home as a pet, not being aware of the regulations regarding endangered species. When the person was aware of the regulations, Buster was brought to Mote. He remained at Mote until he was large enough to be released. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulations require that hatchlings not released in their hatching season to be held until they are 45 centimeters in length. This is the typical size when juvenile turtles, in the wild, move from deeper ocean waters to more shallow waters. The turtles have a more optimum chance at survival when released at this time.

Lessons: Buster was a healthy turtle during his stay at Mote. Some lessons regarding sunlight and coloration effects and also diet and weight relationships were learned.

The crate near Buster was used to train another turtle to dive

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