Doc (Seven Dwarfs)

Rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis)

(MML 0414-A, HBOI 0410)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Male
Date Stranded August 5, 2004
Location of Stranding Hutchinson Island, Florida (near Ft. Pierce)
Date of Arrival August 7, 2004
Number of Days of Care 66 days

Final Disposition

Died on October 15, 2004

Doc (left) swimming in formation with Dopey

This dolphin stranded with about 37 others of the same species. All were pushed back, but restranded again. Dolphin was brought to the Dolphin and Whale Hospital with six others of the same group for rehabilitation.

8/9 Dolphin appears to be about two years old. Has pneumonia, liver problems, high white count, and external wounds. Started on antibiotics and fluids.

8/15 Dolphin is now on solid food and pneumonia has improved. Appetite is good.

8/21 Dolphin's appetite is now excellent and dolphin is doing very well.

8/23 Dolphin has gained weight and is continuing to improve.

8/25 This dolphin has become especially playful in the last 24 hours.

8/27 Dolphin continues to be very playful and continues to gain weight. Still some slight lung issues, but overall, doing very well.

8/30 Lungs improved somewhat and continues doing well.

9/1 Dolphin is continuing to improve.

9/3 Dolphin continues to do very well. We are preparing for Hurricane Frances, so the next update may be a few days away.

9/7 Dolphin did well through the hurricane and continues to do well today.

9/9 This dolphin is doing the best of the five remaining dolphins. He will likely be taken off all meds next week.

9/13 Dolphin is now off all meds and gaining weight well.

9/16 These dolphins seem to be passing around something similar to "strep throat" and are hesitant to eat at times. Otherwise, doing well.

9/19 Dolphin is doing well and having no symptoms at this time. Very active and playful.

9/21 Continuing to do very well.

9/23 Still doing well.

9/29 Dolphin is doing very well.

10/1 Continuing to be very active and playful.

10/9 Continues to do very well.

10/12 Doing great.

10/15 Dopey, this dolphin's tank mate died yesterday, and during a feed this morning, while eating, this dolphin also died with absolutely no symptoms. Necropsy revealed possible fungal pneumonia and fungal encephalitis such as zygomycosis. Cultures were taken and all remaining dolphins have been started on a new antifungal medication.

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