Kemp's ridley (Lepidochelys kempii)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded November 19, 2020
Location of Stranding Buzzards Bay, MA
Date of Arrival November 21, 2020
Number of Days of Care 45 days

Final Disposition

01/04/2021  Fraser was released off of New Smyrna Beach.


11/19/2020  This turtle (075) is part of the cold stun even that happens in New England area every year. 075 was brought to the National Marine Life Center for initial care.

11/21/2020  075 was transferred with other turtles to from New England to Florida by a non-profit organization called Turtles Fly Too. 075 is part of the group that came to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital for rehabilitation, here the turtle was named Fraser.

11/27/2020  Fraser continues to recover slowly, has begun eating. Fraser is on injectable antibiotics and receiving fluids regularly.

12/15/2020  Fraser is eating very well. Fraser no longer needs to receive the fluids regulalry and is recovering great.

12/18/2020  Fraser has been moved upstairs into a solo enclosure within one of Mote's dolphin rehabilitation tanks.

12/31/2020  Fraser was medically cleared for release!

01/04/2021  Fraser was released on the east coast of Florida off of New Smyrna Beach.

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