Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded June 16, 2018
Location of Stranding
Date of Arrival June 16, 2018
Number of Days of Care 169 days

Final Disposition



06/16/2018  Turtle was found floating.  Animal had ingested spiderwire fishing line and was also entangled in the line around it's neck.  Disentangled the turtle and tried removing the line from it's mouth, but had swalloed too much of it.  Blood work revealed an elevated white blood cell count.  Animal was given subcutaneous fluids and injectable antibiotics.  Lucille was put in rehab. pool in shallow water.  Ate small amount of food offered from feeding tongs.

06/20/2018  Lucille is now foraging for most of her diet.

06/25/2018  Turtle started passing the ingested fishing line today!

06/26/2018  Lucille passed the remainder of the ingested fishing line overnight!

06/29/2018  Lucille continues to eat well and is active.  Keeping tank at a shallow depth still because turtle floats if depth is increased.

08/06/2018  Lucille's hematocrit has been declining and her white blood cell count has been increasing.  She will be started on an oral antibiotic to address the white blood cell count elevation.

08/15/2018  Lucille's hematocrit has increased since last check, indicating her body is regenerating red blood cells.

09/13/2018  Blood work indicates that animal has a bacterial and possibly fungal infection.  Two different antibiotics and an anti-fungal will be given daily.  Lucille continues to float at times. 

11/09/2018  Antibiotics and antifungals were discontinued.  Lucille has been exhibiting neutral buoyancy and resting on the bottom more often.  Will continue to monitor blood work and buoyancy issues until normal.

12/01/2018  Lucilee was released by Mote staff near Tarpon Springs!

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