Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Adult
Gender Female
Date Stranded May 11, 2017
Location of Stranding Siesta Key, Sarasota County
Date of Arrival May 11, 2017
Number of Days of Care 56 days

Final Disposition



05/11/2017  Animal washed ashore on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota County.  Animal was transported to Mote for rehab.  Has an old, healed boat strike wound to carapace.  Showing some behavioral indications of Red Tide toxicty.  Weight: 228.4 lbs.  Because Moby is very lethargic, weak, and uncoordinated, she will be dry-docked overnight to prevent drowning. 

05/12/2017  Moby failed the "in-water test" today, so will remain dry docked until coordination improves.  She is receiving subcutaneous fluids, injectable antibiotics, and some IV lipid emulsion.  Animal is slightly more active than yesterday and did have a defecation containing shellfish pieces (which she normally would eat in the wild).

05/14/2017  Moby passed her swim test this morning and was active throughout the day.  She is currently in a rehab. pool at low water level.  She ate both squid and capelin when offered off feeding tongs!

05/18/2017  Moby's behavior continues to improve.  She still spends most of her time resting in her tank, but is foraging for all food types offered.

05/20/2017  Because Moby is eating well, she was switched to an oral instead of injectable antibiotic.

05/26/2017  Tank depth has been increased to half full.  Moby continues to eat well and forage on her own.

06/03/2017  Tank depth is now increased to full. 

06/16/2017  Animal continues to eat well and gain weight.  She is much more active.

06/30/2017  Moby has been medically cleared for release.  

07/05/2017  Moby was released at Lido Beach this afternoon by Mote staff and interns!

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