Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded March 5, 2016
Location of Stranding Venice South Jetty in Sarasota County
Date of Arrival March 5, 2016
Number of Days of Care 76 days

Final Disposition



3/5/16   Animal transported to Mote.  Animal active but severely anemic.  Underweight and covered in algae.  Minor fibropapilloma tumors present.  Weight: 2.45 kg.  Fluid therapy is initiated until animal is eating better.

3/17/16   Pickle finally ate!  Foraged food offered for the first time.

3/31/16   Animal continues to improve.  Is now taking oral supplements hidden in fish.  Raised water a couple inches so Pickle could swim more. 

4/16/16  Pickle's tank is now raised to half full.  Animal continues to swim and eat well.  New fibropapilloma tumors noted, so animal will be scheduled for surgery. 

4/29/16  Animal had laser surgery to remove existing external tumors

5/20/16   Animal was humanely euthanized due to severe and rapid regrowth of tumors.  

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