Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded December 5, 2016
Location of Stranding Cayo Costa, Lee County
Date of Arrival December 7, 2016
Number of Days of Care 135 days

Final Disposition



12/05/2016  Animal was found in Cayo Costa, Lee County and taken to C.R.O.W.

12/07/2016  Because turtle has fibropapillomatosis, animal was transferred to Mote for rehabilitation.  Animal has a number of external tumors including one large one on the front of its face.  White blood cell count is elevated, so injectable antibiotic therapy was initiated and animal was started on subcutaneous fluids until eating well.

12/08/2016  Quasimodo is eating the small amount of food offered.

12/15/2016  Quasimodo's activity level is continuing to increase and animal is foraging all food offered.  Continually uses flipper to rub at large tumor on face when eating. 

12/19/2016  Animal had surgery to remove large mass on face.  Recovered well from anesthesia.

01/06/2017  Quasimodo is active and eating well; seems to have a much easier time foraging now that the large tumor on face has been removed. 

01/27/2017   Quasimodo is having a second pap removal surgery today to remove the rest of the existing tumors. 

02/24/2017  Animal continues to eat well and is healing following second surgery.

03/23/2017  Quasimodo had a third surgery on 3/10/17 to remove small areas of re-growing tumors.  He is still receiving oral antibiotis and antivirals, and continues to eat well.  

04/10/2017  Oral medications were discontinued.  Quasimodo continues to heal and is also behaving normally.

04/21/2017  Quasimodo was released at Gasparilla Island State Park by Mote interns and staff

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