Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded February 3, 2018
Location of Stranding Sarasota County
Date of Arrival February 3, 2018
Number of Days of Care 19 days

Final Disposition



02/03/2018  Some fisherman were trawling near Silvertooth Reef off Big Pass in Sarasota County when they accidentally hooked the turtle.  The turtle was transferred to FWC officials and transported to Mote for rehabilitation.  Upon arrival, exam findings indiacted the sea turtle was in good body condition (48 kg), but had a fishing hook under front left flipper and embedded in left eye.  Mote's veterinarian sedated the turtle and removed both hooks.  Turtle was dry-docked and monitored by staff overnight.

02/04/2018  Scott was placed in a rehab. tank at low water level.  He ate one piece of fish, otherwise had no interest in eating.

02/05/2018  Animal is very active, but avoiding all food types.  Water level was raised to full.

02/10/2018  Scott's eye is healing remarkably well and he is able to see out of it.  He has no interest in eating any food (shrimp, squid, capelin, romaine lettuce, sea grass) offered.  Continuing to give subcutaneous fluids and injectable antibiotics.  

02/20/2018  Scott's eye has healed and he is medically cleared for release.  

02/21/2018  Scott was released at Lido Beach today by Mote staff and interns!

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