Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded February 26, 2019
Location of Stranding Brevard County
Date of Arrival March 6, 2019
Number of Days of Care 153 days

Final Disposition

Tortuguero was released off of Cocoa Beach!


02/26/2019  Turtle was found by a beachgoer in front of Coconuts on the Beach restaurant in Cocoa Beach, FL.  Animal is emaciated and covered in barnacles.  Animal had a previously implanted PIT tag.  Turtle had originally stranded in Georgia in 04/13/15 and was released 6/4/2015 in Amelia Island.

03/06/2019  Tortuguero was transferred to Mote for continued rehabilitation and treatment of fibropapilloma tumors.  At time of rehab at Georgia Sea Turtle Center, there were no fibropapilloma tumors present.

03/07/2019  Tortuguero will be given subcutaneous fluids until eating well and is receiving injectable antibiotics.  Did show interest in food today and ate a small amount when offered.

04/13/2019  Tortuguero is eating well and has been taken off medication. Turtle is next in line for its fibropapilloma tumor surgery.

05/24/2019  Tortuguero underwent fibropapillima tumor removal surgery today. As of today, TUMOR FREE! We now have to wait and observe to make sure there are no re-growths in the removal sites and that no new tumors grow in other areas.

06/17/2019  Tortuguero was pulled today for an exam. So far there are no tumor re-growths and no new tumor growth.  Medically is still doing very well.

07/03/2019  Tortuguero was pulled for an exam, there were a couple tumor re-growths noted. Will continue to monitor but Tortuguero will possibly need another surgery.

07/12/2019  Tortuguero was pulled for a quick fibropapilloma removal surgery. Tort is once again TUMOR FREE!

08/02/2019  Tortuguero was medically cleared for release! Now we wait for coordinates as to where and a date to release!

08/05/2019  Tortuguero was released off of Cocoa Beach!

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