Risso's dolphin (Grampus griseus)

(MML 0706 B)

Age Class Adult
Gender Female
Date Stranded May 3, 2007
Location of Stranding Near Bonita Beach, Lee County, Florida
Date of Arrival May 4, 2007
Number of Days of Care 54 days

Final Disposition

Died on June 29, 2007


5/5 Four dolphins stranded late last night near Bonita Beach, Florida.  They were found by a group of concerned citizens who assisted the animals until staff from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) could arrive on scene.  They were transported to Mote by FWC and Mote staff for treatment and care. This dolphin has a high white count and has been started on antibiotics and fluids.

5/10 This dolphin initially began eating, but soon quit when it developed a bacteremia/septicemia from E. coli, the same bacteria that was responsible for the death of her calf.  She is on very high doses of antibiotics to save her life, but remains in very critical condition.

5/11 Dolphin finally seems to be eating well.  It does not swim much unless it is being fed, but is definitely doing better.

5/13 Dolphin is improving.  It eats well and is swimming stronger at feeds.  Dolphin is eating over 25 pounds of squid per day.  We are trying different enrichment devices to get the dolphin swimming regularly.

5/15 Dolphin eating 32.5 pounds of squid today.  Still only swimming during feeds.

5/18 Now eating 50 pounds of squid each day and doing well.

5/21 Continuing to improve.  Now swimming more and more interactions with EED's (toys) in the tank.

5/23 Dolphin swims more each day and has gotten much stronger.  Continuing on 50 pounds of squid per day.

5/25 Dolphin has gained a good amount of weight in the last 5 days and blood work is good.

6/1 Dolphin is  more active and doing well.

6/5 Dolphin has been having gastrointestinal issues, but seems better today.

6/7 Did a gastroscopy yesterday and found numerous ulcers in the first stomach compartment, probably from parasites.  Dolphin was started on ranitidine (Zantac) and is now eating much better.

6/12 Improved appetite only lasted one day and is not eating well now.  Changing medications to help stimulate appetite.

6/15 Dolphin is finally beginning to eat regularly and is gaining weight again.

6/19 Definitely gaining a lot of weight now and appetite is excellent.

6/25 Doing very well and white count is almost down to normal.

6/29 Dolphin suddenly began having respiratory problems last night and died this morning.  Necropsy revealed a number of different problems, including a large abscess in the left lung, a thrombus (blood clot) in the left atrium of the heart, an eversion of the second stomach compartment into the first stomach compartment, parasites in the nasal sinuses, and hemorrhage on the meninges (covering of the brain).  Ultimate cause of death was likely the blood clot.

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