Mote Honored for Top-notch Digital Learning Program

The highest award in educational, interactive videoconferencing has been presented to Mote Marine Laboratory’s digital learning program, SeaTrek Interactive. 

The CILC Pinnacle Award is given annually by the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) to organizations that receive outstanding scores on program evaluations submitted by educators. The award recognizes remarkable educational content and presentation skill. 
To qualify, the provider must receive at least 2.85 average out of 3.0 on all their program evaluations during the school year.
SeaTrek Interactive has received five Pinnacle Awards and two honorable mentions since the award’s start in 2007.
"We are honored to receive the 2013–2014 Pinnacle Award from CILC,” said Kasey Gaylord-Opalewski, Mote educator with SeaTrek Interactive. “We thank all the teachers, students and supporters who have helped make this another great year of interactive marine science programming. We're looking forward to launching an exciting year of new programs at Mote.”

During the past year, teachers around the country connected their classrooms with Mote’s SeaTrek programs through interactive video- and web-based conferencing designed to teach kids about the oceans, the amazing animals living there and the researchers who study them, including world-class scientists at Mote.
Many teachers have responded with rave reviews. One teacher from Lakeland, Fla., wrote on her evaluation: “It was absolutely amazing!  My students learned so much and were engaged throughout the entire presentation. Kasey was excited about the information she was presenting and, in turn, excited us!  At the end of our session, my students were saying, ‘This was our best Skype ever!’" 

To learn more about SeaTrek Interactive, visit, scroll over “Education” and click “Digital Learning Programs.”

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