Mote welcomes Jordanian Fulbright Scholar studying coastal lagoons

Mote Marine Laboratory is pleased to welcome Dr. Riyad Manasrah, recipient of a prestigious Fulbright Visiting Scholar Award from the Middle Eastern nation of Jordan. Manasrah will investigate the physical and chemical dynamics of coastal ocean lagoons in the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, to determine environmental status and threats to these critical ecosystems, as well as options and recommendations for sustainable use of such systems through his Fulbright award spanning September 2018 through May 2019.

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Dolphin unusual mortality event demands intensive response from Mote and partners

Mote Stranding Investigations Program Manager Gretchen Lovewell has been designated by the NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Administrator as the On-site Coordinator for this bottlenose dolphin unusual mortality event to provide on-site leadership and expertise, evaluate the response, coordinate data management, and compile results of data and analyses from partner organizations. 

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Podcast: Tagging along with sea turtles

When we spot a female sea turtle on her nesting beach or care for patients in Mote's Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital, we get a snapshot of these animals' long, fascinating lives. However, once they return to sea, these turtles can migrate for hundreds of miles and are mostly hidden from humans. Mote Senior Biologist Kristen Mazzarella is shedding light on their journeys. She fits sea turtles with satellite tags to track where they go, including what threats they might encounter. Tune in as Kristen tells Hayley and Joe what she hopes to learn from the latest tracked turtles.


Mote studies how snook in Boca Grande are faring amid red tide

Mote Marine Laboratory scientists are conducting rapid assessment surveys of the status of common snook, a major Florida sport fish, in two areas that have experienced high fish mortality during the ongoing bloom of Florida red tide: Gasparilla Island and Little Gasparilla.

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