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When Mote Aquarium reopened after closing temporarily due to COVID-19, Mote staff took the first shifts on the Aquarium floor to make sure things were running smoothly and safely before volunteer docents returned. There, staff gained a renewed and heightened level of appreciation for how incredible our volunteers are—interpreting complex exhibits, providing endless smiles and kind words to help guests feel at home, ensuring that kids use two fingers at our touch pools, remembering a dizzying array of science facts, and more. We didn’t think we could love our volunteers any more deeply, but after walking in their shoes, we did!

The entire team of Mote staff is thrilled that many of our volunteers have returned safely to their posts—not just on the Aquarium floor but in every aspect of Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Our hearts go out to all those in high risk populations, whose volunteer roles remain on hold. In addition, we thank those who persisted with us through a truly crazy 2020—from Sea Turtle Patrol volunteers who kept walking the beach to faithful friends who kept in touch Re-Mote-ly. Our 1,354 volunteers gave an exceptional 61,026 hours of their time to Mote this year—a testament to their resilience and generosity. That generosity shone brightly during the early days of COVID-19 lockdown, when Mote staff asked if any volunteers in quarantine or high-risk groups needed staff help with grocery deliveries and errands. Instead of asking for help, several volunteers asked how they could sign up to help their fellow volunteers.

Volunteers have been essential to Mote’s 66 years of paradigm-shifting marine science and education, and our 40 years of sharing Mote’s mission with all ages through Mote Aquarium. Volunteers will be essential at our planned Mote Science Education Aquarium (Mote SEA) and in our expanding research at our evolving scientific campuses. The hard work, flexibility, generosity and friendship of Mote volunteers have truly been our rock, this year and every year.


In a year challenging enough to capsize many organizations, you—our incredible donors and members—have ensured that Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium’s 66-year mission of marine science, conservation and education remains buoyant. With Mote Aquarium closed for nearly three months in 2020, we faced immense revenue losses affecting our nonprofit as a whole. Fortunately, thousands of supporters had our backs—3,044 donors gave more than $10.7 million to Mote’s mission, while 9,479 members and 166 corporate members provided their own crucial support.

The challenges of the coronavirus pandemic are far from over, and generous people like you will be essential to our success in the months ahead. Just know that Mote’s mission is here for the long haul, and our efforts are expanding, because the challenges facing our oceans demand it—and because you, our Mote Change Makers, continue to make it possible. The world changed so monumentally during our 2019-2020 fiscal year that we can hardly believe it was a single year.

In January 2020, many Mote supporters joined us for an incredible Farm to Fillet event at Mote Aquaculture Research Park—one of the last big gatherings before “social distancing” became our mantra. However, it wasn’t the last time the Mote family would rally for a great cause this year:

  • More than 1,000 people joined our first allvirtual Run for the Turtles, supporting sea turtle conservation and science at Mote, no matter where they were.
  • Your giving helped us raise $241,706 for Mote in just 24 hours through the 2020 Giving Challenge, presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County with giving strengthened by The Patterson Foundation and generous matching support to Mote from Scott and Tami Charlton and Toma and Rebecca Milbank.
  • Our members were the first to return to Mote Aquarium in June, after the temporary closure. Your smiling faces (behind your cool masks) were the most wonderful sights imaginable. • We loved sharing our world with you virtually, from an award-winning Re-Mote Trivia Night to special behind-the-scenes video tours for our top supporters.
  • Donors have pledged more than $75 million for the creation of Mote Science Education Aquarium (Mote SEA). Just after the fiscal year ended, we also celebrated our first corporate sponsors for Mote SEA: Benderson Development, Gold Coast Eagle Distributing, Ajax Paving, Caldwell Trust Company, CBIZ Insurance Services, Tervis, and Florida Power & Light. With the help of our incredible supporters, this year and every year, Mote’s mission remains unstoppable.


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Mote Trustees & Advisors


Dr. Howard (Sam) Seider, Chairman
Maurice (Mo) Cunniffe, Vice Chairman
R. Scott Collins, Treasurer
Sandra Stuart, Secretary
Dr. Michael P. Crosby, President & CEO


Arthur L. Armitage, Chairman Emeritus
Eugene Beckstein, Chairman Emeritus
Barbara Brizdle
Philip (Mickey) Callanen
Robert E. Carter, Chairman Emeritus
Ronald D. Ciaravella
Frederick M. Derr, P.E., Chairman Emeritus
Richard O. Donegan, Trustee at Large
N. Rogan Donelly
Dean H. Eisner
James D. Ericson
Robert A. Essner, Chairman Emeritus
Susan C. Gilmore
Judy Graham, Chairman Emeritus
Rod Hershberger
Penelope Kingman
Trudo Letschert
Kirk Malcolm
Elizabeth Moore
G. Lowe Morrison, Chairman Emeritus
Alan Rose
Charles R. Smith (dec. 1933-2020)
Jeanie Stevenson
Hobart (Skip) Swan


William S. Galvano, Esq.
The Hon. Andy Ireland
Elaine Keating
Robert Long
Jean Martin
Rande Ridenour
LTG Howard G. Crowell, Jr., (U.S. Army, Retired)


Dave Dickson, Chair
Steve Belack
Michael Belle, Esq.
Kimberly Bleach
James Buchanan
Chad Ciaravella
William Clague
Irwin Davis
Aedan Dowling
Douglas Elmore
Don Featherman
Shirley Fein
Joan Galvin
Nick Gladding
Bradley Goddard
Doug Grosso
Dr. Edward Hamilton
Dan Harris, CPA
Brian Heggie
Paul Hudson
Hamilton Jones
Joan Kayser
Lynn Kukanza
Shelly McAvoy
Dwight Mead
Stuart Moon
Dr. Joel Morganroth
Matthew Plummer
Art Reilly
Gary Rogers
Matt Seider
Charles Shugg
C. G. Sloan
Jeffrey Steinsnyder
Paul Tarantino
Norm Vaughan-Birch
Casey Welch
Christina Welch
Heather Williams, CPA, CFP
Jack Windt, Esq.


Peter Rosasco, Chair
Jill Miranda Baker
Ron Burd
George Craig
Walt Drabinski
George Garrett
Douglas Grosso
David Paul Horan
Peter Horton
Michael Puto
Margie Smith

2020 Volunteer Award Recipients


Bobby Hilbrunner
Thekla Kahn


Dolores Andrew
Sam Nay
Pamela Silagyi
Linda Vertefeuille


Jim Fountaine
Joe Malaney
Arnie Malasky
Ronnie Malasky
Joe Mathis
Mavis Ridley
Tony Ridley
Judy Williams


Connie Beaupre
Frank Dymnicki
Jerris Foote
Dick Haber
Jerry Miller
Connie Schindewolf
Jamie Schindewolf
Tim Thurman
Jim Tolley
Mary Jean Wenzel


Judy Achre
Barry Benjamin
Beth Bertsch
Laura Bryg
Robert Cameron
Rebecca Cantrell
Alan Ebersole
Barb Ebersole
Sandy Fulkerson
Lisa Hartmann
Sandra Hayes
Jennifer Johnson
Julie Klick
Elliot Koffman
Ciera Lemoniades
Diana Love
Mike Love
Martha Noyes
Dan O’Neil
Jan O’Neil
Scott Pasawicz
Denise Perreca
Janet Ray
Michelle Riley
Tamara Schells
Beth Spencer
Bob Spitzer
Cindy Taliaferro
Joyce Thompson
Nicole Valentine
Joanne Walsh
Michael Walsh
Cass Weisman
Rick Wheeler
Sherry Wheeler
Barry Zahnd


Bernita Barker
Howard Cowan
Kate Cowan
Morris Emigh
Sherry Emigh
Toby Etkin
Greg Fiore
Phyllis Hamblen
Donna Heffner
Nancy Hume
Richard Kiegler
Carol Kinder
Stephanie Louis
Barb Olson
Chuck Olson
Mary Pexa
Gwen Ross
Nancy Smolenski
Philip Stevens
Patty Sturtevant-Kiegler
Barrie Wilkie



Rod Hershberger
Hobart ‘Skip’ Swan


Sandra Stuart
Charles R. Smith (dec. 1933-2020)


Scott Collins
Mo Cunniffe


Jeanie Stevenson


Gene Beckstein
Rande Ridenour


Mickey Callanen
LTG Howard G. Crowell, Jr., (U.S. Army, Retired)
Peter Rosasco

Mote Change Makers: Our Generous Donors


$500,000 OR MORE

Daniel E. Offutt, III Charitable Trust
Karol Foss
Manatee County
Mary E. Parker

$250,000 TO $499,999

Ryan and Maureen Martin
Peggy Sears
Steinwachs Family Foundation

$100,000 TO $249,999

Charles & Margery Barancik
Community Foundation
of Sarasota County
Maurice and Carolyn Cunniffe
Edwin T. Meredith Foundation
Robert and Anne Essner
Jane’s Trust Foundation
Helen Johnson-Leipold and
Craig Leipold
Keith Monda
Robert A. Uihlein Foundation
Trust of Charles R. Smith and
Mary George Smith

$50,000 TO $99,999

Ashurst Foundation
Barbara Brizdle
The Brookby Foundation
Tami and Scott Charlton
Michael Corrigan
Daniel S. Blalock, Jr.
Charitable Foundation
Donald C. Brace Foundation
N. Rogan Donelly
Enzymedica, Inc.
James D. Ericson
Judy Graham
Horan Family Foundation
Lookout Foundation, Inc.
McCune Family Foundation
Elizabeth Moore
Mote Scientific Foundation
Paul M. Angell Foundation
The Patterson Foundation
Perlman Family Foundation
Wayne and Grace Rickert
Wohlers Family Foundation

$25,000 TO $49,999

Agentives Fund
Arthur L. & Elaine V. Johnson Foundation
Axe Inc Technologies
Boscia Family Foundation
The Cabbadetus Foundation
The Charles T. Bauer
Charitable Foundation
CVC Advisors (U.S.) Inc.
Disney Conservation Fund
Richard and Patricia Donegan
James & Maryann Armour
Family Foundation
The Jerome M. Kobacker
Charities Foundation
Edward and Terry Kolodzieski
Penelope Kingman
Trudo and Mary Letschert, Sr.
Mercury Marine
New Amsterdam
Charitable Foundation
Park Foundation
Ralph S. French
Charitable Foundation
Richard and Sandra Rosenbloom
Sara Roberts Foundation
William Shepard
The Spurlino Foundation
Sandi Stuart and
D. Michael Murray
Tervis Tumbler Company
Joseph Tompkins
Whitcraft Foundation

$10,000 TO $24,999

Arthur and Catherine Armitage
Eugene and Annabelle Beckstein
Benderson Family
Lynn and Steve Blackledge
Philip and Brooke Callanen
Caldwell Trust Company
John and Angela Campanella
Robert and Carol Carter
Ronald and Shannon Ciaravella
Scott and Kelly Collins
Cook Family Foundation
Cowles Charitable Trust
Dr. Michael P. and Sharon Crosby
Fred and Terri Derr
EcoEd Foundation, Inc.
Edward and Elyse Rogers
Family Foundation
The Edward E. and
Lillian H. Bishop Foundation
Everett W. & Gretha M.
Erdoesy Foundation
Dean Eisner
Shirley Fein
Fiduciary Wealth Advisors, LLC
Fort Wayne Metals Research
Products Corp.
Norman and Shari Frost
Donald Garber and
Betsy Lembeck
Gasparilla Island Conservation & Improvement Association
The Griffin Endowment
Susan Gilmore
Scott and Melissa Glaze
Jane Graham-Hyslop
Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Guthrie & Frey Water Conditioning LLC
Lisa Hallock and Mohammed Chaouqi
Rod and Elaine Hershberger
Hunter Ward Foundation
James M. Doss
Charitable Foundation
David and Sally Janes
Michael and Franza Janes
Julius Fleischman Foundation
The Kors La Pere Foundation
Koski Family Foundation
L.V. Thompson Family Foundation
John N. Lilly and
Katherine Moore-Lilly
Longboat Key Turtle Watch
Louis and Gloria Flanzer
Philanthropic Trust
John MacLennan
Kirk and Rae Malcolm
Mariel Foundation
Jean Martin
Shelly and Ross Masters
Virginia Miller
G. Lowe Morrison and
Leiza Fitzgerald
Nat P. Ozmon Family Foundation
Osprey Biotechnics, Inc.
Publix Super Markets
Charities, Inc.
Racoosin Family Foundation
Rita B. Lamere Memorial Foundation
William Robertson and Lynn Welty
Dr. Howard (Sam) and Dorene Seider
S. Jackson Wommack and Edna B. Wommack Foundation
Samir M. Shafie Charitable Foundation
Samowitz Foundation Trust
The Shannon Foundation
Ted and Susan Sherman
Steve and Mary Smith
Elizabeth Steele
Hobart and Janis Swan
Triad Foundation, Inc.
Gwendolyn and Thomas Watson
Wells Fargo Foundation
Bob White
Willis A. Smith Construction, Inc.
WWW Foundation
William Zimmer


$1,000 TO $9,999

A to Z Products Co., Inc.
Douglas Adams and
Denise McHugh
David Agostine
Air & Energy Inc.
Jeannine and Peter Alexandro
Altium Planning LLC
Amazon Smile Foundation
Dr. Heidi K. Anderson
Gail and Mark Appel
William Archibald and
Jill Hardin
Theresa Arnold and Megan Powell
Dana Asher
James and Kathy Baker
Stuart and Gail Barzman
Nancy and Dave Bass
Deanna and Daniel Bebak
Betsy and Thomas Beers
David and Felice Berkowitz
Bernard Lewis Charitable Foundation
Lisabeth Bertsch
Billy J. Martin and Jeane S.
Martin Foundation
Alan Boll
Ronald Boring
Carol Bowen and Victor Bass
Jenne K. Britell
Kathleen and Travis Brown
Ann Brownell and Lynn Baum
Congressman and
Mrs. Vernon Buchanan
The Buchanan Family Foundation
Buckeye Reef, LLC
Bunge North America Foundation
Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Co.
Captain Planet Foundation
CapTrust Advisors
Susan and Slade Cargill
Alison and Steve Carter
CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc.
The Charles M. Breder
Foundation for Marine Science
Kim and Philip Chin-Sam
Aleta Chrisman and Paul Bolton
Edward and Judith Christian
Robert Copeland and
Marian Holmes
Combined Federal Campaign
Collins Family Heritage Foundation
Ann M. Crosby
LTG (Ret)Howard G. Crowell,
Jr., and Sally Crowell
Vickie and Joseph Crupi
James Culter and Jan Miller
The Cunniffe Family Foundation
John and Denise Curls
David Curry and
Annette Robertson
Christopher and
Pattiann Curtin
Melisande and Alfred D’Alessio
Gloria Dana and Jack Howell
Deborah M. Cooley
Charitable Trust
John and Mary Jo Deckro
Thomas and Deborah Degnan
Christina and Alex Dell
DEX Imaging, Inc.
Disney Worldwide
Services, Inc.
Steven C. Dixon and Peggy C. Allen
Doctors Hospital of Sarasota
Elizabeth and Robert Dods
Dolphin Aviation
The Don CeSar
Byron and Kim Dorgan
Michael and Rhea Dow
Eden Charitable Foundation
Edmund and Elizabeth Campbell Foundation
Kathryn and Lee Edstrom
Edward & Verna Gerbic Family Foundation
Edward E. Haddock, Jr.
Family Foundation
Edward and Annette Eliasberg
Alison and Richard Engel
Ann English
F.A.O. Schwarz Family Foundation
Family Dive Adventures
Donald and Susan Featherman
Robin and William Fetsch
Firkins Automotive Group
Jefferson and Maisie Flanders
Florida Blue Foundation
Forza Wealth Management
Carter and Carol Fox
Franklin Philanthropic Foundation
Frederick Derr & Company, Inc.
T. Bondurant and Hollis French
Amy and Don Friedrich
Barbara and James Gabbert
Jane Garnett and David Booth
Edmund and Patricia Garno, Jr.
William Garrett and
Karen Johnson
Tony Garvin
GE Foundation Matching Gift Program
Gecko’s Hospitality Group
Ed and Pat Geisinger
The Gibbings Family
Charitable Trust
Robert Gigante
Patricia Gillis
The Glick Family Foundation
Gene Goetz
Golder Family Foundation
Cassandra Gonzmart
Charles and Jean Gorham
Heidi Goss
Kendrick Graham Ng-Yow
Terri and Ron Greenbaum
Gail Greenfelder
Hugh and Shana Griffiths
Jessica Griffiths
Guy Harvey Ocean Fund, Inc.
H.D. Perry Family Foundation
Sally and Mark Hale
Harold M. and Adeline S.
Morrison Family Foundation
Lisa Hart and George Duke
Robert and Elizabeth Hathaway
Helen Forde Gander and Mary A. Baldwin Charitable Trust
Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation
Henry L. & Grace Doherty
Charitable Foundation
Lieselotte Hessler
Malcolm and Patricia Hickok
Pat Hinger
Dale Hoffman
Jay and Cindy Hoorn
Richard and Ellen Horak
Samuel V. and Rebecca B. Howe
Everette and Sherry Howell
Huisking Family Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County
J. William and Helen D. Stuart Foundation
J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
The Jelks Family Foundation, Inc.
Barbara Jennings
John and Nellie Bastien Memorial Foundation
Ervin Johnson, Jr.
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Johnson Ohana Foundation
Brenda Johnston
The Joseph and Catherine
Johnson Family Foundation
Virginia Judge
Richard and KeKe Kahn
Paul and Sarah Karon
The Kathleen F. Cellura Foundation at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County
Keating Family Foundation
Brian and Susan Kelly
Kenneth & Myra Monfort Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Sharon Kent
Alan and Carol Kesler
Suh Kang and Young Choo Kim
Kitchner Benefits
Knox Family Foundation
Lynn and Kevin Kodrick
James and Norma Koppel
Cosette and Louis Kosiba
Robert and Gwen Krivi
Karen and Greg Kuppler
Michelle Lamarca
Jerry and Jan Lazar
Legend Bracelet, LLC
Janet and Fred Leonberger
Dr. Stephen Lexow
Robert and Susan Lifeso
Lilly Pulitzer
Judith Lindauer
Longboat Key Garden Club
Jason Lowe
Lucky’s Market Sarasota
John and Judith Lynch
Nancy and Jack Malo
Manatee Gourmet Coffee
Tristin and Natalie Mannion
Blake Markham
Marshall Family Foundation
Jeane Martin
Mary L. Kenzie Foundation
Dennis and Chase Matecun
Stephen and Debra McFee
Gregory and Lori McMillan
Walter and Jean Meanwell
Tom and Judy Melly
Mark and Michelle Melvin
Veronica Meuser
Dylan Mezzio
Rebecca and Samuel Milbank
Donald and Marcia Miller
Janet Minker and Elliott Himelfarb
MMGY Global, LLC
Vicki and Dillard Moore
Michael and Lori Moran
Mason Morgan
Heather Murray and Gloria Bruno
The NBK Foundation
NetRush.com, Inc.
Richard Ng-Yow, Sr. and Thomas Archer
Richard and Betty Nimtz
Kevin and Valerie North
Martha Noyes and Gerald Greene
Dorothy O’Brien and Richard Antoine
Janet Oliver and Ron Damele
Gary and Ann Olson
Joan Osgood
Valeriy Palubok
Paradise Advertising
Jeffrey Parker
The Perry Hotel
Pier 22
Vera and Marc Plescia
Popsockets, LLC
PNC Bank
Patrick and Janet Prendergast
The Pruitt Foundation
Jane Pyle
Ready Containment, LLC
Ken and Sheila Rear
Arthur and Rebecca Reilly
Duncan and Elizabeth Richardson
Richard Riffel
Elizabeth and Richard Ritter
David and Sharon Robinson
William and Lynne Rogers
Andrew Rudnick
Ruth R. Hoyt-Anne H. Jolley Foundation
Jonathan and Barbara Ryder
Matthew and Tricia Rydson
S & H, Inc.
Carol Sallach
Saltwater Inc.
Sarasota Ford
Michael and Judith Scharf
Mary and David Scheible
Arvid Schigt
John and Florence Schimkaitis
Lawrence and Therese Schmidt
Mary and Douglas Scovanner
SeaSucker, LLC
Mary Alice Seemeyer
The Sexton Family Foundation
Ilonka and Gil Sharell
Scott and Karen Shearer
Thomas and Kathleen Sherman
Maureen and William A. Shuman
Shutts & Bowen, LLP
Pamela and Charlie Siderski
Siesta Key Rum
Nathalie Silver
Silver City Sarasota
Harris and Micheline Silverman
Hollis Stacy
Jeffrey Steinsnyder
Richard I. Sterling
Elizabeth Stewart
Christy Stickney and Thierry Rouillard
Stone and Holt Weeks Foundation
Derek and Jerry Ann Strine
Edward and Kathleen
Suchora, Jr.
The Sweet Peas Foundation
Tom and Patricia Sugalski
Edwin and Dorothy Sved
Arthur and Gladys Szeglin
Richard Talford, Sr.
Linda Tanner and Emily Tanner
Target Corporation
Frances Thayer
Tillie, Jennie and Harold Schwartz Foundation
Tintometer Inc.
Cathy and Paul Tomass
Desiree and Michael Trahan
Nancy and Thomas Tussing
Sallie Tyler
UBS Private Wealth Management
Tamara Upham
Gregory van Natter
Wally Adams Foundation
Leslie and Robert Wander
The Warwick Foundation
William and Cheri Wasz
Thomas Waters
Jean Weiller
Jack and Maria Whitacre
Maureen and Thomas White
Bobby Whitley
Terry Whittier
Ann and Tom Wierdsma
Wilde Insurance Services
Ida Wiley
William and Rebecca Wilferth
William G. and Marie Selby
William Stark Jones Foundation
Robert and Rebecca Witter
James and Carol Yoder
Ronald and Geri Yonover
Dominic Zuend



30A thang
Anchor Spa & Pool
Amir and Lisa Arbisser
Karen Armstrong
Kenneth and Melanie Babineau
Dawn and Stephen Balinski
Gerald and Karel Beck
Jeannie Becton
Kathleen Bellamy and Debra Maki
Bentley & Bruning P.A.
Crisianee and Michael Berry
Paul and Marilyn Blankman
Francine Blatt and Lisa Bradley
Penelope Bodry-Sanders and Mackarness Goode
Anna Boney
Robert Brodbeck
Stuart Burstein and Carolyn Gray
William Byers and Patrick Cosgrove
Robert Cardwell
Richard and Ellen Cartun
George and Lois Castrucci
William and Kaye Centers
Marshal and Carol Chesmore
Orlando and Lori Cicilioni, III
Kevin Claridge
Robert and Jan Clark
Laurel Cohen and Axel Traugott
James and Jennifer Cooke
Myra and Mack Cooley
Cooper Creek Dental
Joseph and Karen Coviello
James Dean
Definitive Logic Corporation
Joyce and Debbie Deuble
Jim DeVilbiss
Daria Dick
Nancy A. Dobras
Linda Domenico
Dennis and Dawn Doughty
Tom and Dale Due
Dr. Sylvia Earle
Easter Seals Southwest Florida
Colin English
Estate of Dr. Eugenie Clark
Estate of Virginia Mosbaugh Horne
Pascal and Ashley Ezaki
Hugh and Betsey Farrington
First Source Bank
William and Carolyn Firth
Florida Keys Brewing Co, LLC
Founders Garden Club of Sarasota
Robert Frank and Vicki Landry
Michael Frazier and Katie Boetcher
Karyn Frey
Robert and Debra Frey
William and Darla Furst
Sheila and Joe Fuse
Joan Galvin
Nancy and Nathaniel Gardiner
Laura and Myles Gaythwaite
David and Edmee Geis
Dorothy Goes
Kristin and Michael Goldberg
Patricia Goldwater
Kelly and Bruce Goodwin
Garry and Nancy Goudy
Jack and Diane Hathaway
Paula and Larry Hayes
Michael and Nicole Hayja
Jack and Nan Hayworth, M.D.
Steve and Cheryl Henderson
Holiday Inn Lido Beach
Michael and Elizabeth Hoyle
Jason Huefner
Gaylord Hughey, Jr.
Paul and Janine Jacobs
Rick and Vicki James
James Buchanan Realty
Marisa Jelicks
Alfred and Carol Jensen
William and Elizabeth Johnston
Dianne and Michael Kadish
Steven Kalt and Robert Heeren
Pamela Kandziora and Steve Jalovec
Amy Katz
Keep Charlotte Beautiful
Keep Manatee Beautiful, Inc.
Thomas Kelly and Jacqueline Fleischmann Kelly
Kenneth Reutlinger Foundation
Key Dives
Klean Kanteen
Koala Tee
Neil La Belle
Ron Landon
Mary Ellen and Eleanor Laue
Barbara Lausche, J.D. and Jose Garnham
David and Barbara Law
Law Offices of Blalock Walters, P.A.
Kevin Lenderman and Detria Runyan
John Lenhart
Marina Liem and Alex Cannon
Christine and Edward Lindsay
Elaine and Lincoln Linscott
Jose and Gerry Lopez
Dr. Carl and Rosa Luer
Gerda Maceikonis and Kurt Macekonis
Robert and Karen Mackey
Charlotte MacLatchy
Susan Macrae and Allison Scibelli
Margaret and Vinnie Maisto
Paul and Judith Malton
Catherine Marine
Andrew and Jeanne Marlowe
Edwin and Susan Martin
Ed McAvoy and Shelly Donegan McAvoy
Phyllis McGrady and Christopher Antoniacci
Kathleen McKown
Hannah Meade and Pamela Gore Meade
Elizabeth Miller
Fred and Ruth Miller
Elizabeth and Michael Monnot
Michael and Rebecca Moore
Catherine and Jay Morgan
Patricia and Guary Morgan
Kathleen and Alfred Morrison
Guenter and Anita Mrotzek
George and Anne Musekamp
Amanda Myers-Campbell and David Campbell
National Charter Bus Company
New Floridians
Barbara O’Brien
Maggie Ozner and Sharon C. Kraemer
John and Lenore Patterson, Jr.
Robert Pegan and Pat Langhans
Charlotte and Charles Perret
James Pettus
Marjorie and David Pflaum
Andria Piekarz and Alan Amero
PNC Foundation
Katherine Renfrew
Mary Jo Reston
The Robert Fiedler Fund of the InFaith Community Foundation
Robert E. Willis Elementary
Jerry and JoAnne Robertson
Daniel Robinson
Ronne and Donald Hess Foundation
Joseph and Rosa Sabatino
Sarasota Catering Company
Sarasota Memorial Hospital HCD
Carla and Doug Salmon
Samuel and Grace Gorlitz Foundation
Karl and Lu Anne Schwarz
William and Kathleen Seider
James Shannon
Jennifer Sharp-Warthan and Daniel Warthan
Jana Sheppard
Douglas and Cindy Siemon
Kenneth Smaha and Roberta White
Douglas and Janet Smith
Kristen Smith
Sunny Speidel
Megan W. Spinks, LCSW, ACSW
Lucia Spotte and Stephen Spotte, Ph.D.
Tom and Rhonda Stoughton
John Strickland
Strikeforce Communications LLC
Patty Sturtevant-Kiegler and Richard Kiegler
Tampa Charter Bus Company
Elise and Thomas Tatham
John and Melinda Thompson
Paul and Jayne Thompson
Ronald and Karen Toshner
Thomas and Sandra Troxler, Sr.
James and Susan Ulrich
Tom and Sue Van Dam
Vera Cash Foundation
Denise Wachtl
Jacey Wald
Elsbeth Waskom
Welcome Club of Sarasota, Inc.
Ryan Westerburg
Tim Whaley and Michael Powell
Neil and Mary Wingard
Jean and Paul Wojcik
Arnold and Anne Wood
Richard Worthington
Cindy Wrick


$250 TO $499

Steven and Amy Abdoo
Richard Ackley
Vince and Phyllis Adamaitis
Alan and Linda Aitken
Richard and Andrea Amend
Nancy and Peter Anas
The Angling Company
Bernard and Nancy Anthony, Jr.
Lisa and Mark Antos
Kenneth and Chris Astor
AT&T Employee Giving Campaign
Denise and John Ayre
Kimberly and John Bailey
Nancy Baker
April and Michael Barrett
James and Jane Barrett, Jr.
Fred and Susan Bartizal
Janet and David Bausch
Bay Haven School of Basics Plus
Gerald and Mary Ann Beard
Jonah Bea-Taylor
Dorothy Beckwith
Scott Behson
Robin Bennett and Dave Clark
Ralph and Susan Berry
Stewart and June Beyer
Frederick and Janet Bishop
Tom Brackett
Dean Bramlet and Jane Kienle
Susan and Gregg Branham, Jr.
Bridge Tender Inn, Inc.
Brett and Emily Brosseit
Robert and Rita Broun
Julie and Irene Brum
John and Leslie Buhrmaster
Brenda Burleson
Charmaine Burtak
Andres and Cynthia Buser
William and Sara Jane Bush
Business Financial Consultants, Inc.
Richard D. Canino
Douglas and Linda Cardente
Barbara Carey
Robert Cargill
Van and Joyce Carlisle
Doug and Dorothy Carlson
Wendy and Patrick Carlton
Cause Photography
Marie Celentano
Cheryl Child
Iryna Chyshkevych and Oleksaudra Kvik
Susan and Alan Citron
Charles and Joan Claar
John and Lorna Clarke
Phyllis Cohen
Sandra Cohen and Stephanie Heaney
Steven and Lisa Cohen
William and Lynn Cook
Sharon Cooke
Cornell Club of Sarasota-Manatee
Dixie Coy
Anne and Kenneth Culotta
Donna Cuviello and Amanda Spungia
Darwin Brewing and Taproom
D.D. Rivers Foundation
Robert and Gail Davies
Sharon de Luna
Kyle and Lauren Deery
David Dennehy
Daniel Dieck and Nona Hagen
Lance and Patricia Disley
Robin and Jack Doerge
Valerie Donahue and Thomas Zahn
Elizabeth and Joel Dyckes
Nancy Dyrek and Kristin Eaton
Vicky Easley and Jennifer Langley
Employer Solutions
Julie English
Carol and Robert Erker
Michael Esteban
David and Judith Fasser
David and Ferris
Barry and Gail Finn
Eugene and Julie Fogarty
Susan and Frank Fowler
Rosemary Francis
Steve Friedman
Cheryl and Ron Fromm
Constance Fulmer and Elliot Smith
Galleon Resort Condominium Association, Inc.
Dawn Gallucci and John Gallucci Jr.
Jeffrey and Susan Garrison
GFWC Lutz-Land O’Lakes Woman’s Club Inc.
Lauren Giese
Melissa Gindling
Karan Glaze
William and Jodi Goell
Grand Bay Longboat Key Community Association
Patricia Green
Mark Grenda
Paula and Douglas Griffin
Lance and Ellen Gurney
Ehon and Susan Hall
Paulette Hall
The Harar Family Foundation
Lorna Hard and Courtney Loyer
Mike and Bonnie Hartley
Louise Head
Lawrence and Margaret Heaslip
David and Jennifer Heidemann
Dr. Cynthia Heil
Paul Heller
Timothy and Alisa Herring
Linda Heusner and Albert Jackson
Carol Hillers
Bob and Betsy Hills
Mark and Mary Hoffman
Dr. Robert and Allie Hueter
Lauren Hughey and Christopher Lail
Becca and Neal Huntington
Paul Hurlock
J. McLaughlin
Kimberly and Wendall Jacobsen
Kathryn G. Johnson
Julia M. Runyon Foundation
Emily June and Timothy Ryan
Leslie Juron
Celeste Kaptur
Robert and Rebecca Keagy
Elizabeth and Peter Kelly
Bruce and Barbara Keltz
Rebecca Kennedy
Patricia Kennelly and Edward Keon
Melvin and Diane Kestner
Martha Anne King
Peter Klappert
Victoria and Kenneth Kolbe
Emily Kolbinsky
Marie Korbely
Richard and Kristine Korngut
Tracy and Roy Kretzler
Karen Kuzia
L.D. Morris Law
Steve Lansing
David Larson and Kristina Serqueeva
Robert and Kathie Laseter
Hadi Lashkajani
Mary and Michael Laureno
William Lautenberger and Sharon Schanzer
Jerry and Kelley Lavin
Linda Layer
Earle and Ellen Layman
Vicki Leaden
Kyu and Jane Lee
Joshua and Lisa Leuchter
John and Katharine Lewis
Robert and Jane Lewit
Sandra Liming and Art Montiel
Brenda L. Lindell
Little Palm Island Resort
John and Sandra Long
Virginia and Alexander Low
Carol Ludwig and Paul Hobbs
John Maclary, Jr.
Dr. Kevan Main
Sharon Malin-Quinn and Rod Quinn
John and Cheryl Mancini
Marc Mannino
Diane and Craig Markovitz
John and Rebecca Maypole
Pam McArthur
Patricia and Robert McCauley
Mark and Alice McCoy
Debbie McCue and Beverley Welsh
Sarah and John McDevitt
John and Tara McGraw
Laurie and Michael McRobbie
Michael Saunders & Company
Robert and Patricia Meaher
Rick Meeker
Carol Menken
John and Mary Metz
Cindy and Dorothea Mildenberger
Linda Miles
Carol Miller
Christine Miller and
Stacey Miller McDermott
Elizabeth Miller
Jerry and Catherine Miller
John and Connie Miller
John and Grace Miller
Eric Million
Dave Minoff and Amanda Botson
Joan Minoff
Mission Pets, Inc.
William and Susan Montague
Frank Morgan
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
Martha and Joseph Murphy
Sara and Larry Myers
Katherine Neal and Jay Fisher
Nellie’s Deli & Catering
Charles and Sheila Nemes
Louis Newman
Hawkeye Norman
Madeline O’Brien
Ocean Key Resort & Spa
Donald and Jane Ocker
Linda O’Connor-Levy
Laura O’Donnell
David and Marjorie Osborn
Our Association, Inc.
Gregory Pachunka
James and Alice Padilla
Rosemarna Pajerski
Jim Palermo and Ashley Snyder
Linda and David Paskin
Stuart Pattison and Kelly Peak
William W. Peattie
Rosalie Peirce
Drew and Ashley Peters
Gary and Jean Peters
Kimberly and Bruce Peterson
Dr. Richard and Sharon Pierce
Ronald and Linda Pinder
Plymouth Harbor Residents Association
Pointe Condo Association
Wayne Poole
Pool Kids
Joanne Pressley
Promenade Condominium Owners Association
Colette and Terry Purcell
Paul and Mary Ellen Quigley
Linda and Kent Radovich
RAM Financial Corp.
Jennifer Rankin
Ralph Reade and Lana Granzow
Gary Rehm
Eric and Lisa Reintsema
Amy and Barry Renninger
Daniel J. Rice and Jane Ann Robertson Rice
Natalie Richardson
Randall and Betsy Ridenour
Katherine and Gerald Ritzow
Joan Rivera
Stacey Rodino and Allison Bailey
Dan Rose and Beverly Harms
Robert Rose
Jack and Nancy Rozance
Kathryn and Dan Ruscitto
Jerry and Donna Rydell
Salty Rose Renderings
Daniel and Brigitte Schaufelberger
John Schieffelin
Linda Schneider
Marc and Nina Schreiber
Lynn A. Scully
Trinidad and George Seay
Todd and Elizabeth Sebring
Patricia Setser and Ruth Russell
Patricia M. Shafer
Andrew Shannon
John Shehorn and Christine Weitz
Jason Silva and Kristin Carpenter-Azevedo
Joseph Silverman and Karen Beyel
Thomas and Marlene Simpson
Sip Locally
Cary D. Smith
Douglas and Karen Smith
Southwest Florida Association of Environmental Professionals
Ralph and Wendy Smith
Evelyn Smolinski-Young and Richard Young
Cynthia Smyth
Norman Statland and Patricia Pierce
Rita Steele and Donna Hillmyer
Cindy Steffel
Andrew and Anne Steidinger
Karen Steidinger, Ph.D.
John and Nolia Stephan
Bruce Stewart
Paulette Stewart
Peter Stults
Melanie and Payton Sullivan
Frederick Swartzendruber and Chandler Swartzen
Elmer and Nancy Swartzmeyer
Barbara and Hank Tafaro
Tang Base of USSVI
Cynthia and Craig Tate
Leonard Tavormina and Mary Younglove
Kristin Telfer
Linda Theis-Caliva
James and Susan Tollerton
John and Lamar Toole
Margaret Towers and David Peterson
The Tromble Family Foundation
Helen Trotman
Tunaskin Inc.
James Turner
Greg and Tatiana Twarowski
Two Trails, Inc.
Jill Ungar
Ellen Vandernoot
Jason and Shauna Wagner
Gretchen and Jim Wasniewski
Deborah Weatherholt
Lisa and Andy Weiland
Myrna and John Welch
Kevin and Denise West
Max and Marcia Williams
Tiffany Williams and Ann Daallam
Ken and Marsha Winterhalter
Matthew and Julia Winters
Mark Wisbeski and Melissa Brokaw
John Wittig
Christopher and Marilyn Wolf
Andrew and Helene Wolff
Richard Wolford
Phyllis and Richard Yonker
Bliss Young
Jacob A. Zaagman

Legacy Society Members

Thomas Alburn and Patrice Boeke
Jonathan Anderson
Dolores Andrew
Arthur and Catherine Armitage
Barbara Bauman
Frances Bays
Eugene and Annabelle Beckstein
Richard and Judith Benimeli
Lisabeth Bertsch
Stewart and June Beyer
Lynn and Steve Blackledge
Bob and Marlene Blalock
Jason Blank
Francine Blum
Chuck Braden and Denton Raubenolt
Jay Brady
Veronica Brady
Barbara Brizdle
Philip and Brooke Callanen
Robert and Carol Carter
Kathleen Cellura
Dave and Elaine Charney
Ronald and Shannon Ciaravella
Scott and Kelly Collins
Myra and Mack Cooley
Dr. Michael P. and Sharon Crosby
LTG (Ret) Howard G. Crowell, Jr.,
and Sally Crowell
Vickie and Joseph Crupi
James Culter and Jan Miller
Maurice and Carolyn Cunniffe
John and Deborah Dart
Dwight Davis
Jack DeCaprio
David Dennehy
Fred and Terri Derr
David Dickson
Richard and Patricia Donegan
N. Rogan Donelly
Dean Eisner
Meredith Ellsworth
James Ericson
Robert and Anne Essner
Donald and Susan Featherman
Shirley Fein
Linda Fisher
James and Jacqueline Fountaine
Dolores Garlo and Robert Keeley
Susan Gilmore
Steve and Ellen Given
Judy Graham
David and Jennifer Heidemann
Pia Henningsen
Rod and Elaine Hershberger
Peter Horton
Margaret Hughes
Anna-May Jacobsen
John and Barbara Jenney
Harriet Josenhanss
Brian and Susan Kelly
Sharon Kent
Thomas King
Penelope Kingman
Iris Konstantinou
Joe Koropsak
Walter Kruse
Eleanor Kuperschmid
Thomas Landers
Steve Lansing
Barbara Lausche, J.D. and Jose Garnham
Trudo and Mary Letschert
Dr. Kumar Mahadevan
Kirk and Rae Malcolm
Christine Maldonado
Samuel Mallis
Nancy and Jack Malo
Linda Mantel
Ann McArdle
Lisa and Stephen McLennan
Paul and Sherry Mesaros
Elizabeth Moore
Michael and Rebecca Moore
G. Lowe Morrison
Nigel Mould and
Nathalie Randanne de Vazeille
Sara and Larry Myers
Donald and Jane Ocker
Jeffrey Parker
Ken and Sheila Rear
Kristen Reynolds
Randall and Betsy Ridenour
Elyse and Edward Rogers
Alan Rose
Carol Sallach
Noella and Raymond Santerre
Peggy Sears
Michele Sebourn
Dr. Howard and Dorene Seider, Jr.
Charleen Sessions
Kathleen Sherrow
Debbie Shoss
Maureen and William Shuman
Pamela and Charlie Siderski
Robert and Jean Sinclair
Norris Smith
Tracey Smith
Eva Stevens
Jeanie and Bayne Stevenson
Sandi Stuart and D. Michael Murray
Hobart and Janis Swan
Cathy and Paul Tomass
Virginia Walsh
Elsbeth Waskom
Thomas Waters
Paul Waton and Annette Randall
Gilbert Weiner
Robert and Pat Wendt
Robert Wiegand and Thomas Cliff
William and Rebecca Wilferth
Douglas and Alison Williamson
Glenda Wright

Mote SEA Donors


Manatee County
Ryan & Maureen Martin
Mary E. Parker
Sarasota County
State of Florida

NAUTILUS SOCIETY ($500,000-$999,999)

Edwin T. Meredith Foundation
Edward D & Anna Mitchell Family Foundation
Daniel E. Offutt III Charitable Trust
Steinwachs Family Foundation
Skip & Janis Swan
Charles L. & Martha A. Swanson

SEA EXPLORERS ($250,000-$499,999)

Barbara Brizdle
Frank E. Duckwall Foundation
Robert & Anne Essner
The Mazzarantani Family
The Perlman Family Foundation
Horan Family Foundation
Elizabeth Moore
Jim & Christina Price
Wayne & Grace Rickert
Sandi Stuart & Dr. Michael Murray
William G. and Marie Selby Foundation


Ajax Paving
Benderson Development
Caldwell Trust Company
CBIZ Insurance Services
Florida Power & Light
Gold Coast Eagle Distributing

Image at top of page: A Mote volunteer speaks with Aquarium visitors. Credit: Cameron McPhail/Mote Marine Laboratory