Research Collaborations

  • Aquatic Plants of Florida—using wetland plants as a tool to improve production economics of recirculating aquaculture systems.
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Stock Enhancement Research Facility—developing marine fish culture methods for high-value recreational fishery stocks (common snook and red drum) in land-based recirculating aquaculture systems.
  • Florida Wildlife Research Institute—developing new tools to evaluate maturation and spawning in marine fishes (Dr. Harry Grier) and utilizing molecular markers to determine the parentage of marine fishes (Dr. Michael Tringali).

  • University of Maryland Baltimore County—evaluating hormone profiles and testing spawning aids to better understand maturation and spawning in marine fishes AND developing maturation and spawning methods for Greater Amberjack.
  • University of South Florida, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering—designing and evaluating integrated aquaculture systems.
  • University of Stirling—developing spawning and larval rearing technologies for high-value marine fishes.
  • University of Texas Marine Science Institute—developing improved spawning and larval rearing technologies for marine fishes.


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