About our program

The Sharks & Rays Conservation Research Program is dedicated to studying the biology, ecology and conservation of sharks and their relatives, the skates and rays. These fishes comprise about 1,000 species worldwide, many of which are threatened by overfishing and environmental impacts.

Our research

Expanding the Global FinPrint

Reef sharks are in trouble worldwide. Mote researchers and our international partners are applying science—and people power—to save them through the initiative Expanding the Global FinPrint.

Tracking international trade

Mote scientists are working with partners all over the world to better understand the species composition of trade in shark fins and meat, which is important for enforcing trade regulations.

Conservation science at home

One of the many legacies of Mote’s shark research is that it has been used by the U.S. federal and state governments to regulate and manage shark fishing in our waters.

Over 70 years of research

Mote scientists have been leading groundbreaking research on the biology of sharks and their relatives, skates and rays, since we opened our doors in 1955.


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