Mote Marine Laboratory Main Collection – The library's 26,000 volume print collection includes over 16,000 books and reports, 508 journal titles (approximately 11,000 journal issues), 4,500 cataloged reprints, and 1,700 Mote Technical Reports. Its electronic resources include full-text access to 5,100 journal titles and 11,790 books. The main collection reflects the research interests of the Laboratory: coastal, shelf and estuarine ecology, benthic ecology, coral reef physiology, fisheries, finfish mariculture, aquaculture, elasmobranch biology and biomedical research, fates and effects of toxins in the marine environment, ocean acidification, marine mammals of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, and sea turtles. The collection also includes the historical publications of the laboratory. 

Archival Collections

The Arthur Vining Davis Archives at Mote Marine Laboratory houses a unique and irreplaceable collection of primary source documents on the coastal environment spanning the period from the 1920s to the present. Mote’s extensive archival collections include over 300 linear feet of material representing an invaluable, nearly seamless nine-decade depiction of ecological, environmental, and socioeconomic conditions in coastal areas of southwestern Florida and the eastern United States.  

Collected Papers from Mote Marine Laboratory – Vol. 1 1957-1963 from the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory and Vols 2-17 1964-present contain 1,200 peer-reviewed papers published by Mote staff. The volumes are available in the Library for public review.

Mote Technical Report Collection – Includes 1,650 cataloged records of the technical reports produced by the Mote staff since the mid 1970s. Print copies of the reports are housed in the Library archives. Over 400 reports are available full-text online in Mote's repository DSpace.

Reprint Collection – Contains the bibliographic records of 4,500 environmental articles, including Mote staff contributions. Search for titles in this collection in the library catalog.

Bass Biological Laboratory Collection – 1930s and '40s-era papers, correspondence, photographs, maps and research data from an Englewood, Fla. marine and biological research laboratory. Many of these historical environmental and socio-economic materials are being digitized and added to Mote's repository, DSpace.

Charles M. Breder, Jr. Collection – Renowned ichthyologist and Dr. Eugenie Clark's mentor.  Includes his published books and papers and handwritten field journals from the 1920s to mid 1970s. Portions of seven of the field journals have been transcribed and are available in Mote's repository, DSpace.

Dr. Perry W. Gilbert Collection – A collection of papers, letters, documents and photographs that provide an insider's view of the Perry Gilbert Era at Mote Marine Laboratory. Eminent shark scholar and Mote Marine Laboratory director from 1967-1978, Gilbert guided the facility into prominence.


Special Collections

Pauline S. Becker Collection – Floridiana books collected by one of Mote Marine Library’s most ardent volunteers and supporters. Books focus on Florida history, nature, ecology, folklore and more. 

Herbarium (MOT) : Algae and Seagrasses Specimens Collection – 327 species folders w 1-52 specimens per folder, 3,600 microscopic specimen cards, 8000 specimens ; 24 finding aids : 3 cabinets (2 ft 5in w x7 ft h).  Specialty: Florida: algae and seagrasses of Florida ( Sarasota, Florida Keys, Florida west coast, Pinellas County, Boca Raton, etc.) as well as from Belize, Brazil, California, Cayman Islands, Connecticut, Cuba, Ireland, Maine, Mexico, New Hampshire, North Carolina (Beaufort), Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Southern Gulf of Mexico, US Virgin Islands.  The collection has been processed as part of the NSF ADBC Macroalgae Digitization Project.  It can be accessed through the MacroAlgal Herbarium Consortium and is recorded in the Index Herbariorum.   

Herman Gross Collection – Herman Gross’s donation of more than 30,000 underwater slides is housed at Mote Marine Lab. This extensive collection includes color images of corals and thousands of other species of undersea life from all over the world. Mote staff are in the process of digitizing and cataloging these images. For information about the collection, email

Mina Walther Collection – Comprises the research books and newspaper columns of Mina Walther, biology teacher and nature writer. Ms. Walther wrote the column Tide Lines for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune from 1977-2003. A posthumous collection of her articles has been published by the Mote Library. The book, Nature is Wonderful, is available for purchase from the Mote gift shop.

Dr. James E. Woods Collection – DePaul University professor and Mote Laboratory research associate. Includes biomedical books and journals with a speciality in endocrine and chick research.