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Eugenie Clark in Dive Gear

Dr. Eugenie Clark

Founding Director

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans



Dr. Eugenie Clark — nicknamed “The Shark Lady” — was a world authority on sharks and fish who built Mote Marine Laboratory in 1955. The Lab, then called the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory, was created and supported by the Vanderbilt family as a place to study the oceans and share that information with the world. (See Remembering Mote’s “Shark Lady”: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Eugenie Clark.)

Genie’s one-woman operation eventually grew into a full-fledged research laboratory with twenty-five diverse research programs, a formal education division and the public Mote Aquarium. 

She was a research assistant at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, at the New York Zoological Society, and at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Dr. Clark was the recipient of three honorary D.Sc. degrees and awards from the National Geographic Society, the Explorers Club, the Underwater Society of America, the American Littoral Society, the Gold Medal Award of the Society of Women Geographers, and the President’s Medal of the University of Maryland. She has authored three books and over 160 scientific and popular articles.

She conducted 72 deep submersible dives. Her last research projects concerned the behavior of tropical sand fishes and deep sea sharks. These studies have been featured in 12 articles she has written for National Geographic magazine.


University of Michigan Biological Station Summers, 1940 and 1941
Hunter College (Zoology), Bachelor of Arts, 1942

New York University (Zoology)Master of Arts, 1946
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1946-1947
Woods Hole Marine Biological Station, Massachusetts, Summer, 1948
New York University (Zoology) Doctor of Philosophy, 1950

Honorary Degrees:
1992 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
1995 Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Guelph, Ontario
1995 Honorary Doctor of Science, Long Island University, New York

Honors, Awards, Recognitions
1952 Hunter College Alumni Award
1953 Mademoiselle Merit Award in Science
1964 Hadassah Myrtle Wreath Award in Science
1965 Marquis Who’s Who Citation, outstanding women in science
1965 Underwater Society of America, NOGI Award in Arts
1965 American Academy of Achievement, Golden Plate Award, Science
1969 American Littoral Society, Dugan Award in Aquatic Sciences
1972 Hunter College, Hall of Fame Award
1973 Boston Sea Rovers, Cousteau Award, underwater science
1974 Mayor Rizzo, Liberty Bell Award, Philadelphia
1975 University of Maryland Honors Convocation
1976 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1978 Diver of the Year Award, Boston Sea Rovers
1982 John Stoneman Marine Environmental Award H. Building Named for E. Clark
1988 Home Room building, Pine View Elementary School, Sarasota, FL.
1982 University of Maryland Outstanding Woman Award
1986 Lowell Thomas Award for Undersea Exploration, Explorers Club
1986 Best Nature Film Award, Wildscreen International Film Festival For NATUREWATCH – EC Râs Mohammed
1986 Ocean Hero, Year of the Ocean (1984-85)
1988 Underwater Society of America, NOGI Award in Science
1989 Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame
1990 NASPA, Woman of Distinction Award
1990 Honorary Citizen and Key to the City of Sarasota, FL.
1991 Phi Kappa Phi, Faculty Award
1991 Alpha Lambda Delta, Honorary Member
1991 NAUI Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diving
1992 Bryant High School, Hall of Fame
1993 DEMA (Diving Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.), Hall of Fame Award
1993 National Geographic Society, Franklin L. Burr Award
1994 Honorary President of 27th Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous Marine at Antibes, France
1995 Honored as Founding Director, Mote Marine Laboratory (at 40th Anniversary)
1995 Honorary Director, Explorers Club
1996 Emmy Award, Maryland Public Television, Capital Region
1999 American Elasmobranch Society, Distinguished Fellow Award
1970 Mademoiselle, Silver Medal
1975 Society of Women Geographers, Gold Medal
1981 David B. Stone Medal for distinguished service to environment and community
1984 Governor of South Sinai, Egypt, Medal
1988 Governor of Red Sea, Egypt, Medal
1993 President’s Medal, University of Maryland at College Park
1994 Medal of Excellence, American Society of Oceanographers

Flag-Carrying Honors
1962 Carried flag of Society of Woman Geographers to Ethiopia
1980 Carried flag of National Geographic Society to Egypt, Israel, Australia, Japan, and Mexico
1982 Carried flag of Society of Woman Geographers underwater off Japan and Egypt
1986 Carried flag of the Explorers Club on the “First American Diving Expedition to South China”
1988 Carried flags of Society of Women Geographers, Explorers’ Club and the National Geographic Society to the bottom of Monterey Canyon (12,000 feet)

Current Publications

Clark, E., Ben-Tuvia, A. (1973). Red Sea fishes of the family Branchiostegidae with a description of a new genus and species Asymmetrurus oreni. Contributions to the Knowledge of the Red Sea, 51.

Additional Publications

Publications by Dr. Clark

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