Bill filed to support Florida Red Tide Mitigation & Technology Development Initiative led by Mote

Florida House Representative and Majority Whip Michael Grant (District 75) sponsored House Bill 1135 to establish the Florida Red Tide Mitigation & Technology Development Initiative. This Initiative will focus on the development of innovative technologies and approaches critically needed for control and mitigation of red tide impacts that can cause devastation to marine life and harm local economies.

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Senator Marco Rubio visits Mote to discuss urgent threats in Florida’s oceans

On February 21, 2019, Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium hosted Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) at its City Island campus to discuss urgent threats facing Florida’s oceans, including harmful algae blooms affecting our coastlines and the significant decline of coral reefs. Mote President & CEO, Dr. Michael P. Crosby, and science staff from a diverse range of Mote research programs shared the latest in research and technology, while explaining the urgent need for support to continue and expand their efforts

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Mote research highlights potential Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacts on exposed flounder

Mote Marine Laboratory scientists found that southern flounder exposed to oiled sediment for 30 days in the lab showed evidence of stress and DNA damage, one of the latest indicators of potential impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill that continues to be studied today.  The flounder study — presented at the 2019 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference this month in New Orleans and in prep for submission to a peer-reviewed journal — is one of several oil-exposure studies in a series led by Mote senior scientists Dr. Dana Wetzel and Dr. Kevan Main. Wetzel, manager of Mote’s Environmental Laboratory for Forensics, is leading the toxicology task group within the C-IMAGE research consortium focused on the Deepwater Horizon impacts and based at University of South Florida.

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Podcast: From elephants to otters - veterinary stories

Veterinarian Dr. Whitney Greene has worked with “all creatures great and small” – more than 100 species ranging from tiny frogs to massive elephants. She joined Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium in 2018 to apply her skills with marine veterinary medicine for the care of sea turtles, manatees, sharks and other species. Before working with Mote, she served as Staff Veterinarian at Buttonwood Park Zoo in Massachusetts. In this episode, she tells hosts Joe and Hayley about some of her most challenging and rewarding veterinary cases, and she shares how aquarium and zoo vets have to think outside the box to treat a diverse array of species. If you enjoy "Two Sea Fans," please rate and review the program in the iTunes store or Apple podcast app, and share your favorite episodes with friends. The sea fans thank you!


Super Bowl LIII Prediction

Who will win Super Bowl LIII? Mote Aquarium resident manatees Hugh and Buffett have placed their bets!

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