Feb. 29-May 31: Savage Ancient Seas exhibit

On Feb. 29 through May 31, 2020, Mote Aquarium visitors can peek into the ancient world of the Late Cretaceous—87-70 million years ago—thanks to the special exhibit “Savage Ancient Seas,” featuring replicated skeletons cast from the real fossils of extinct ocean animals. Visiting the exhibit will be included with normal Mote Aquarium admission.

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Podcast: ECOmittee: Mote’s green team

Going green is one of our favorite subjects at Mote Marine Laboratory. Lately, a team of dedicated staff known as Mote's ECOmittee has been working to adopt and share best practices for environmental sustainability, to help inspire others lead by example. In this episode, Mote's ECOmittee member Greer Babbe tells hosts Joe and Hayley how the group formed and launched its first projects at the Lab, particularly a growing effort to encourage composting. Join us for a fun and uplifting chat about one of our favorite parts of Mote life!  


Manatee misconceptions to make you laugh and think

In honor of Manatee Awarenss Month, November, here are some of the funniest questions and misconceptions that Mote's Manatee Research Program staff has heard, with answers that we hope will help everyone learn some new facts about these iconic marine mammals.

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