New red tide study: Why do blooms vary and ultimately end?

Mote Marine Laboratory and partners are redoubling their efforts to understand how environmental variables influence Florida red tides—a higher-than-normal concentrations of Karenia brevis algae—and how these harmful algal blooms ultimately come to an end.

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Mote adds new Associate Vice President

Mote is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Claridge as the new Associate Vice President for Sponsored Research & Coastal Policy Programs. 

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Podcast: Manatee science by air, land and sea

Florida manatees are iconic for the Sunshine State. They're on license plates, they're the focus of major conservation and management initiatives, and they delight residents and ecotourists who are lucky enough to watch these 1,000-pound-plus mammals from a safe distance in the wild. Mote's Manatee Research Program has studied wild manatees for decades, and their efforts are just as interesting as the animals they study. In this episode, hosts Joe and Hayley talk to Mote Senior Biologist Sheri Barton about how she and her colleagues recognize individual manatees in the wild, monitor them from boats and shore, count manatees from the air, study the habitats used by these threatened mammals, and more.


Lucky’s Bags for Change

From Aug. 18-Nov. 9, the Bags for Change event allows Lucky’s Market shoppers in Sarasota to support Mote Marine Laboratory and the young people we serve.

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Glowing, Glowing, Gone?

In summer 2019, the worldwide competition “Glowing, Glowing, Gone” drew inspiration from the "warning" colors of declining corals. The competition, including partners from Adobe, Pantone, United Nations Environment Programme and others, challenges creatives, brands and influencers to raise awareness of declining coral reefs by making art and awareness materials using specific Pantone colors. Mote Marine Laboratory, an international leader in coral reef research and restoration, took this important challenge to heart.

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