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Green seagrass waving underwater.
Mote Research

Seagrass Ecosystem Restoration Research Program

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans

Seagrass is critically important to the ecology and economy of coastal ecosystems, serving vital functions for various fisheries, nursery habitats for a variety of keystone species, shoreline/sediment stabilization, absorbing nutrients, carbon storage, and coastal resilience. Unfortunately, seagrasses are being rapidly lost due to both indirect and direct anthropogenic impacts as well as the broader effects of global climate change.

A science-based restoration effort is needed to address diminishing seagrass habitat, distribution, and diversity.  This research program builds upon the ongoing partnership between nursery restoration practitioners and top marine and genetic scientists to generate a sustainable source of genetically resilient, and naturally reproducing seagrass, in both land-based nurseries and in-water seagrass field nurseries, as well as large-scale seagrass gene banks.  This program also seeks to develop a market for blue carbon offsets utilizing cutting-edge seagrass research for restoration.

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