Aquatic Species Collection Workshop

September 16, 2017

Sponsored by the Florida Marine Science Educators Association and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

The workshop is available to certified Florida teachers and/or eligible employees of educational centers (see below).

This fee includes training, a collection certificate, a complimentary membership to FMSEA, and digtial access to workshop materials and resources. The fee may be paid using the online registration link. Those paying via purchase order must bring a copy of the PO to the workshop as proof of pending payment. For those needing FMSEA vendor information, contact Jason Robertshaw (

The primary workshop objective is to promote best practives in the collection and maintenance of aquatic organisms for educational activities. A curriculum has been established to achieve the primary workshop objective and includes but is not limted to:

  • Rationale ​for ​collecting ​aquatic ​organisms. 
  • Alternatives ​to ​the ​collection ​of ​live ​aquatic ​organisms. 
  • Collection ​methods. 
  • Minimization ​of ​environmental ​impacts. 
  • Minimization ​of ​aquatic ​organism ​mortality. 
  • Regulatory ​concerns. 
  • Appropriate ​gear ​deployment ​and ​use. 

To ​receive ​an ​Aquatic ​Species ​Collecting ​Certificate, ​you ​must ​successfully ​complete ​the ​training ​workshop ​and ​must ​be ​employed ​by ​or ​be ​a ​registered ​volunteer ​for: 

  • a ​school ​(or ​home ​school) 
  • an ​educational ​center 
  • an ​educational ​organization 
  • an ​agency ​conducting ​educational ​programs 

If ​you ​do ​not ​or ​are ​not ​sure ​if ​you ​fall ​into ​one ​of ​these ​categories, ​contact ​Jason Robertshaw ( to ​discuss ​eligibility ​prior ​to ​registration*. ​ ​If ​you ​attend ​this ​workshop ​and ​are ​later ​deemed ​ineligible, ​you ​will ​not ​be ​refunded ​the ​workshop ​fee.

The ​certificate ​does ​not ​supersede ​any ​state ​or ​federal ​regulations, ​but ​it ​does ​allow ​the ​collection ​of ​specified ​numbers ​of ​certain ​species ​for ​educational ​purposes, ​some ​undersized, ​and ​to ​use ​certain ​types ​of ​collecting ​gear ​that ​would ​not ​be ​allowed ​under ​recreational ​fishing ​guidelines. 

Upon ​successful ​completion ​of ​the ​training ​workshop, ​a ​participant ​receives ​a ​certification ​that ​is ​authorized ​by ​both ​FMSEA ​and ​FWC ​representatives. ​The ​certification: 

  • Authorizes ​the ​harvest ​of ​certain ​fresh ​and ​saltwater ​organisms ​and ​specifies ​bag ​and ​possession ​limits. 
  • Authorizes ​the ​use ​of ​specific ​scientific, ​educational, ​and ​recreational ​harvesting ​gears. 
  • Specifies ​the ​fresh ​and ​saltwater ​areas ​in ​which ​harvest ​of ​aquatic ​organisms ​is ​allowed. 
  • Provides ​an ​exemption ​from ​some ​local ​laws ​when ​harvesting ​in ​a ​designated ​saltwater ​area. 
  • Certificate ​are ​usually ​mailed ​out ​within ​6–8 ​weeks. ​This ​certificate ​is ​valid ​for ​3 ​years. 
* 68B-8.003 ​General ​Conditions ​and ​Restrictions ​(1) ​(a) ​ ​A ​SAL ​or ​FMSEA ​Certification ​will ​not ​be ​issued ​to ​a ​person ​and ​no ​person ​may ​conduct ​activities ​under ​a ​SAL ​if, ​during ​the ​36-month ​period ​prior ​to ​the ​application ​or ​activity, ​that ​person ​has ​been ​charged ​with ​a ​violation ​of ​a ​rule ​in ​Titles ​68A ​through ​E, ​F.A.C.; ​Chapter ​370 ​or ​372, ​F.S.; ​or ​50 ​CFR ​Parts ​622, ​635, ​640, ​648, ​654, ​660, ​or ​679 ​unless ​that ​person ​has ​received ​a ​final ​disposition ​of ​acquittal ​or ​dismissal ​of ​such ​charged ​violation.
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Aquatic Species Collection Workshop


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