Shark Pups & Grownups Class

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Mote's Shark Pups & Grownups classes are MEGA-lodon sized fun for you and your little one! Join us as we explore the marine environment through imaginative play, STEM activities, songs, and more. These classes are kids ages 2-5 and their favorite adult.

Each class includes: movement, science tool exploration, role play/games, and immersive water time (dipnetting in the bay). All classes meet at the Whale Fountain at the entrance to The Aquarium. Be sure to read your confirmation email to know what to bring and wear to class. 

We have 4 different monthly themes from September to December to engage your Shark Pup!

A-B-Seas, 1-2-3s: L, M, N, O...Let’s go!  Explore the ocean alphabet as we “school” together to learn about the ‘roar’some Lionfish, mysterious Moon Jelly, bottom-dwelling Nurse Shark, and clever Octopus!
Seas of Costumes: People aren’t the only ones who like to dress up - ocean animals wear costumes too!  Take a peek into the colorful world of marine camouflage as we discover fish that change color as they grow up, deep sea creatures that make their own light, and dolphins and sharks that use only two colors to hide from predators.  We’ll even learn how tropical ocean animals ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ on a coral reef!
Senses of the Sea: Have you ever heard of a singing fish or fingers on a manatee’s face?!  We’ll help you to make sense of underwater toadfish chit chat, the wonderful whiskers of manatees, horseshoe crabs’ unique sense of sight, and sharks’ impressive sense of smell!  
Blast from the Past: Celebrate the season with some of our favorite past activities like caroling to “Jingle Shells” and learning what treats ocean animals like best as we wish you Best Fishes and Happy Holidays!  

Pre-registration is required.

Members $20.00
Non-Members $18.00

Upcoming Dates

  • December 11, 2021

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Shark Pups & Grownups Class


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