Black in Marine Science Empowerment Panel

December 3, 2020

Join us to learn more about what it means to be Black in Marine Sciences from our featured panelists. 

  1. Educators and students can register for direct access to the panel. Contact MarSci-LACE Project Coordinator for details.
  2. The public can watch this event streamed live on YouTube:

Featured panelists:

  • Jasmin Graham, Shark Science
  • Amanda Hodo, Aquarium Science
  • Alex Troutman, Wetland Ecology

Format: Zoom webinar and YouTube livestream

  1. Introduce Black in Marine Science Week, MarSci-LACE and speaker. Kickoff questions: Describe your journey to marine science? What do you do? What piece of advice would you give kids interested in pursing marine science?
  2. Take audience questions.
  3. Closing questions: Why is Black in Marine Science Week important? What piece of advice would you give parents/teachers who may be watching to promote diversity in marine science?
  4. Share resources and additional Black in Marine Science event information.


  • Learn about several career options in marine science.
  • Engage in discussions about the importance of diversity in marine science.
  • Explore the many paths to marine science.
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Black in Marine Science Empowerment Panel

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