Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded November 18, 2021
Location of Stranding St. Johns County, FL
Date of Arrival December 17, 2021
Number of Days of Care 119 days

Final Disposition



11/18/2021  Turtle was found floating at the meeting point of San Sebastian River and Matanzas River.  He was transported by St. Johns County to The Sea Turtle Hospital at UF Whitney Lab.  Upon intake, it was noted that animal had evidence of a vessel strike to the carapace and also had fibropapilloma tumors on his flippers.  He was covered with mud and algae and there were leaches and leech eggs on his plastron.  He was started on subcutaneous fluids, injectable antibiotics, and pain medication.

12/17/2021  In order to free up space at the sea turtle rehabilitation facilities on Florida's east coast, Alfalfa was transported to Mote for continued rehabilitation.

12/24/2021  Alfalfa is active and eating well.  He is eating all seafood offered. Animal is very anemic, so will be given weekly iron injections.  Blood work also indicates a very elevated white blood cell count, so he has been receiving oral antibiotics daily. 

01/06/2022  Alfalfa is continuing to be active and eats his entire diet offered on his own.

01/15/2022  Alfalfa is healthy and eating well.  Blood work is improving so antibiotics and iron injections were discontinued.  She is exhibiting some buoyancy issues.

01/29/2022  Alfalfa's few fibropapilloma tumors were surgically removed under local sedation.

02/04/2022  Alfalfa is eating well and gaining weight.  Turtle continues to exhibit buoyancy issues.

03/09/2022  Animal is still floating and getting worse.  Radiographs indicate possible air trapped in the wound region.  Alfalfa is active eating well, and gaining weight.  Continues to receive an oral antibiotic daily.

03/21/2022  White blood cell count has improved, so oral antibiotics were discontinued.  Alfalfa continues to experience buoyancy issues and spends his time at the surface of the water, even in a shallow rehab. pool.  

04/08/2022  Alfalfa was transported to Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota for a CT scan today to try to determine source of air causing his to float and come up with a treatment plan.  Results are pending.

04/15/2022  Due to chronic injuries and buoyancy issues, animal was euthanized.

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