Finnley Joe

Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Adult
Gender Male
Date Stranded December 9, 2019
Location of Stranding Sanibel, Florida
Date of Arrival December 11, 2019
Number of Days of Care 217 days

Final Disposition

07/15/2020  Finnley Joe was released from Casey Key!

Finnley Joe

12/09/2019  Finnley Joe was found floating and rescued near Red Channel Marker 4 off Sanibel, FL. Finnley Joe is an adult male Loggerhead with carapace evidence of a boat strike, he was brought to the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) for rehabilitation.

12/11/2019  Due to Finnley Joe's size and heavy rehabilitation patient load at CROW he was transferred to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium for continued care. He had a piece of his carapce removed that had been rubbing and irritating his tail. A crack in Finnley Joe's carapace was secured with wire to hold the pieces together as it heals over. He is in low water and being offered food every two hours.

01/31/20  Finnley Joe's carapace is still being held together by wire as it heals over and the other areas on his carapace continue to heal slowly (normal). Finnley Joe's water level was raised to full and he seems very comfortable, still eating very well. Expect Finnley Joe to be with for awhile as it will take some time for his shell to heal enough to be considered for release.

02/20/2020  Finnley Joe continues to do well. He is eating great, gaining weight and his shell is healing. He is not on any medications but he recieves an iron supplement daily.

03/23/2020  Finnley Joe was moved to one of the large Dolphin and Whale Hospital pools as he waits for his carapace to continue healing over.

04/24/2020  Finnley Joe continues to do well, he still has some healing to do on his carapace.

06/12/2020  Finnley Joe was examined today and his wounds continue to heal well. The wires holding the rear end of his carapace were removed as the area is healing together nicely.

07/06/2020  Finnley Joe has been cleared for release by staff veterinarians.

07/15/2020  Finnley Joe was released from Casey Key!

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