Green (Chelonia mydas)

Age Class Subadult
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded August 11, 2022
Location of Stranding Pavilion Key, Collier County
Date of Arrival August 11, 2022
Number of Days of Care 45 days

08/11/2022  Turtle was found floating out in the Everglades.  Animal was rescued and transported to Mote for rehabilitation.  Initial exam findings indicate animal is underweight, lethargic, and anemic.  "Glades" also has a heavy tumor load of fiborpapilloma tumors including tumors involving both eyes.  Turtle was given subcutaneous fluids to help with hydration until eating well, and also was started on an injectable antibiotic due to an elevated white blood cell count.  Will be kept in very shallow water until animal is more active.

08/13/2022  Glades is still very lethargic and shows no interest in eating capelin, squid, shrimp, sea grass, or romaine lettuce.  Still being kept in very shallow water and is receiving subcutaneous fluids and injectable antibiotics until eating.  Closer exam of the eyes indicates tumors are mostly around eyelids and not on the actual cornea, so hopefully they can be successfully surgically removed once turtle is medically stable.  

08/14/2022  Glades ate some capelin and shrimp today, but mostly prefers squid.

08/17/2022  Glades has been much more active and is swimming more each day.  Continues to eat a small amounts of squid, sea grass, and romaine lettuce.  Due to anemia, turtle is now on weekly iron injections and continues to receive injectable antibiotics.

08/31/2022  Glades continues to eat all food offered and is becoming much more active.

09/02/2022  Glades was transported to Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota for a CT scan.  The scan showed no evidence of any internal fibropapilloma tumors. 

09/03/2022  Glades had surgery today to remove the fibropapilloma tumors around her eyes.  She is still anemic, so another surgery will be scheduled at a later date to remove all of the remaining tumors once her blood work has stabilized.

09/08/2022  Glades is recovering well following her surgery.  She is active and is foraging perfectly now that her vision is not impaired by tumors.  

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