Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Adult
Gender Male
Date Stranded April 2, 2020
Location of Stranding Offshore Longboat Key
Date of Arrival April 2, 2020
Number of Days of Care 102 days

Final Disposition

07/13/2020  JT was succesfully released from Casperson Beach!


04/02/2020  JT was found floating offshore of Longboat Key entangled badly in a crab trap. The rope on the crab trap had embedded into both front flippers and around neck which had left him unable to dive for a long time as he is very skinny. JT is an obvious Male because of his size and his long tail. JT was brought to Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital for rehabilitation. JT was weighed, measured, had blood drawn, was given fluids, and placed in a rehabiltation pool with low water.

04/04/2020  JT began eating squid and shrimp right away. His water was raised a couple inches today. He was started on an injectable antibiotic.

04/08/2020  JT has been eating great and his water was put to full level.

04/24/2020  JT is doing great. No longer on an antibiotic. Continues to eat and will slowly continue to gain weight!

05/21/2020  JT was moved from the rehabilitation pool in the Sea Turtle Hospital into a large pool within the Dolphin/Whale Hospital. He has been put on an oral antibiotic.

07/06/2020  JT has been cleared for release by staff veterinarians.

07/13/2020  JT was satellite tagged and released from Casperson Beach today! Watch where he goes at http://www.seaturtle.org/tracking/?tag_id=182617

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