Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Age Class Juvenile
Gender Unknown
Date Stranded August 31, 1999
Location of Stranding Venice Beach, Florida
Date of Arrival August 31, 1999
Number of Days of Care 1030

Final Disposition

Released June 27 2002 in Gullivan Bay, Marco Island
Maui was brought into the Sea Turtle Nursery as a hatchling. It was transferred to another facility for display until the turtle is large enough to be released. The turtle became ill and was brought back to the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital. The turtle is currently doing very well, is on antibiotics, and is expected to fully recover. It will be returned to The Conservancy of Southwest Florida when it is healthy. 1/19 Maui is now off all antibiotics and its white count is normal. Turtle is eating very well. 3/31 Maui has been transferred to the Sea Turtle Exhibit until it attains a size adequate for release. 6/26 Maui has reached an adequate size for release and is scheduled for release tomorrow in Gullivan Bay. The turtle required some behavioral modification to disassociate the connection between people and food. This will insure that the turtle will not seek out people to get food. Rather it will have to hunt for prey like all other turtles in the wild.

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