Grants Received

Current Funding (last two years)
Project Title: Brevetoxin Metabolism and Physiology – a Freshwater Model of Morbidity in Endangered Sea Turtles
Funding Agency: NOAA ECOHAB
PIs: Sarah Milton, Cathy Walsh, Greg Bossart and Leanne Flewelling

Project Title: Shark Immune Cell Derived Peptides as Novel Agents for Cancer Therapy
Funding Agency: Henry L and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation
PIs: Carl Luer and Cathy Walsh

Project Title: Novel Compounds from Shark and Stingray Epidermal Mucus with Antimicrobial Activity Against Wound Infection
Funding Agency: Department of Defense
PIs: Carl Luer, Cathy Walsh, Kim Ritchie, Laura Edsberg, Jennifer Wyffels and Andy Cannons

Project Title: Tumor Cell Inhibitory Activity of Compounds Isolated from Culture Medium of Shark Immune Cells
Funding Agency: Florida High Tech Corridor Industry Seed Grant
PIs: Cathy Walsh and Carl Luer

Project Title: Effects of Brevetoxins on Maternal Health and Reproductive Success in the Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Funding Agency: Florida Sea Grant Program Development Grant
PIs: Justin Perrault and Cathy Walsh

Project Title: Health Impacts from Red Tide Toxin Exposure in Manatees
Funding Agency: NOAA/NOS/NCCOS/CSCOR Harmful Algal Bloom Event Response Program
PI: Cathy Walsh

Project Title: Research Experiences in Estuarine and Coastal Science for Undergraduates at Mote Marine Laboratory: Developing a New Generation of Leaders in Ocean Sciences
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
PIs: Barb Kirkpatrick and Cathy Walsh

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