Life Support Systems Internships

There are Life Support Systems Internship positions available at two of Mote’s campuses. The internship below is based at Mote Aquarium on City Island in Sarasota, Florida. If interested, please specify the following program location in your statement of interest.

Life Support Systems Technician Internship (Sarasota)

The Life Support Systems team is responsible for managing, maintaining, repairing, and designing water systems for Mote Aquarium, as well as testing and maintaining water quality.  As an intern, you will learn and experience what it takes to create and support the various systems for both the fish & invertebrates department, and the mammals & reptiles department. These exhibits range in size from 40 gallons to 135,000 gallons and include freshwater, marine, and brackish conditions.

This team works closely with our Aquarium animal care departments, however, this is not a husbandry position; It is classified as indirect animal care. Basic biology and chemistry are necessary to understand the animals’ needs and how we can best meet them. You will NOT be training or feeding manatees, sea turtles, sharks, rays, etc. You will be helping provide these animals with the best possible environment by maintaining
these exhibits.

A typical day during this internship may involve: basic chemistry tests, water changes/backwashing an exhibit, daily maintenance, record keeping, troubleshooting issues as they arise (ex: exhibit out of temperature range, broken pump, etc), and other tasks as needed.


Interns must be able to perform physical work in all of Florida’s weather conditions.

In addition, the following skills are preferred (but not required):

  • Basic chemistry and biology knowledge
  • Plumbing


This is a 12-week commitment with a total of 20 hours per week. This can be completed two ways:

  • 5 half-days a week (4 hours per day), OR
  • 2 full days a week (8 hours per day + 1 hour for lunch) + 1 half day (4 hours)

Typical work hours are 8am-5pm, with a weekly schedule to be determined based on program need and intern availability.

*Note: Although preference is given to applications received by the deadline, this program will still review late applications.