I don’t have any marine science experience. Can I still apply?
If you have an interest in marine science and have completed some basic STEM coursework, then you are a qualified candidate for this program. We recommend visiting our research webpage (link to mote.org/research) to learn more about what we do and what your interests may be.

Do I need to know how to swim, be SCUBA certified or be comfortable on boats?
No, we have many research experiences that take place in the lab or are land based. For most programs, you won’t need to get in the water for any reason.

I am a person with a disability. Can I still participate?
People of all abilities can participate in the program. If you have any questions about our accessibility, please contact us.

Who should I ask for a letter of recommendation?
Anyone that can speak to your work ethic, professional skills or academic background would be an appropriate recommender. Typically supervisors, managers, professors, TA’s, coaches, activity leaders can provide necessary information about your skills to our reviewers.

What is the selection process and notification timeline?
Reviewers begin going through applications once the deadline has closed. Application review typically takes 2 weeks to a month to complete. Reviewers from each program evaluate the applications that selected their specific program as either a first or second choice. You may be considered for other programs than those you selected based on your general areas of interest. We will notify applicants whether they are selected or not so if you have not been contacted, your application is still under consideration. Please be sure to check your spam folder for missed notifications.

Where is the internship located? 
Mote’s main campus is located on City Island in Sarasota, Florida (1600 Ken Thompson Pkwy). Mote’s Aquaculture Park is also located in Sarasota but at an offsite facility (12300 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota). Mote’s International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration is located in Summerland Key, Florida (24244 Overseas Hwy). Placement depends on the research program for which interns are selected.

Can I apply for the College Internship Program, NSF REU and Mote REU Programs for the summer?
Yes, you can apply for multiple internship programs for the same season (REU programs only open for summer season).

Research Experience for Undergraduate Programs FAQs

Where will I be living if selected for the program?
If placed at our Sarasota campus, housing is provided at the Sarasota Opera’s Steinwach Artists Residences in downtown Sarasota (about 5 miles from Mote’s campus). You will share an apartment with up to 2 other interns. Each intern has a private bedroom, may share a bathroom with one other intern and has a shared kitchen and living space. A car is highly recommended but the city bus depot is a few blocks away and has a direct bus line to Mote.
If placed at our Summerland Key campus, housing may be provided in our on-site dormitories or a housing stipend will be provided for off-site accommodation. In the on-site dorms, up to 4 interns share a room and bathroom and there is a communal living space and kitchen that may be shared with an additional 4 interns. A car is not necessary for interns that live on-site but is highly recommended for those that live off-site. You can tell us on the application if you plan to bring a car.

A suggested packing list is provided upon acceptance to the program. Housing is provided from June 5-August 13. If students plan to arrive earlier or stay later, they must make their own arrangements for accommodation.

How is housing arranged for transgender or non-binary interns?
There is flexibility with housing and we will make arrangements that all persons are comfortable with.

If accepted, how do I make travel arrangements to get to Sarasota or Summerland Key?
You will be reimbursed for your travel upon arrival to the program up to $500. However, if you need the stipend in order to book your travel or are uncomfortable making your own arrangements, we can assist you. If your travel cost from your home institution or residence is more than $500, you can receive additional travel funds but must alert us ahead of making arrangements. 

Can I have a job or be taking online classes during the program?
This program will be a full-time job. You will be expected to be at your lab from approximately 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (times are flexible under agreement with your mentor). We do our best to give you the financial support to make participating possible. However, working part-time or taking classes after hours or on the weekend is possible if necessary.

Are my living expenses fully covered over the summer?
Interns receive a $600/week stipend over the 10-week duration. Housing is fully paid for and a travel stipend is provided for travel between your home institution or residence and Sarasota or Summerland Key. Interns will receive their stipend in 3 payments throughout the summer.

Can I start late/leave early?
We highly encourage all interns to participate in the full duration of the program. However, as long as interns arrive no later than the first week or leave no earlier than the last week of the program, we are flexible. We ask that interns notify us of scheduling conflicts as soon as possible.

Can I get time off during the program?
If you already have an important commitment scheduled (educational or professional opportunity, significant family milestone, etc.) then you can work directly with your mentor to arrange a reasonable amount of time off. However, we don’t encourage vacation planning or other optional time off during the program. Ten weeks is a very short amount of time to accomplish a research project so we expect you to be present from 9am-5pm every day unless circumstances are exceptional.