Current Projects

  • Assess the Effects of Mosquito Control Pesticides on Non-Targeted Organisms in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary; PI; R. Pierce: EPA-WQPP; 1/12 to 9/14, with FL Keys Mosquito Control Dist.; FL FWC/FWRI; Levi Foundation. Monitoring the distribution of mosquito control pesticides in the Fl Keys National Marine Sanctuary and using the expected environmental concentrations to assess the impact on coral and lobster larvae as sentinel non-targeted organisms.
  • Reduction of Harmful Impacts from Florida Red tide: Fate and Effects of Brevetoxins: PI R. Pierce, Cooperative program with FL FWC/FWRI,. 7/12 to 6/15: Investigating the occurrence, persistence and adverse effects of red tide neurotoxins in water, air and marine organisms.
  • Synergistic Effects of Ocean Acidification with Mosquito Control Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals on Coral Reproduction and Recruitment. P.I. R. Pierce; FL Protect our Reefs; 5/13 to 4/14.: Investigating how climate change impacts the toxicity of toxic chemicals on coral larvae.
  • Phytoestrogen Analysis in Estuarine Water. P.I. R. Pierce US Geological Survey, 9/13 to 3/14. Investigating the presence of natural and anthropogenic estrogens in coastal waters.
  • The Impact of Elevated Temperature and Mosquito Control Pesticides on Coral Larvae Physiology and Settlement:, PI C. Ross, UNF; Co-PI, R. Pierce. 3/14 to 3/15.
  • Determine the Distribution and Persistence of Mosquito Control Pesticides in the National Key Deer Refuge, Big Pine Key, FL. PI, T. Bargar, USGS, Co-PI, R. Pierce, 3/14 to 3/15. Investigate the distribution, persistence and effects on non-targetred organisms in the NKDR. 

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