Current Projects

  • FWC/FWRI-Mote Cooperative Red Tide Program: Reduction of Harmful Impacts From Florida Red Tide - A cooperative monitoring and research program with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute assisting with the State of Florida's goals of red tide monitoring and mitigation of negative impacts.
  • Collaborative Research: Modeling the Dynamics of Harmful Algal Blooms, Human Communities and Policy Choices Along the Florida Gulf Coast - A collaborative research program focused on understanding how the dynamic interactions between natural and human systems influence and inform society's choice of policies for mitigating the economic and public health effects of K. brevis blooms along Florida's Gulf of Mexico coast.
  • HPLC Processing of Phytopigments - The Phytoplankton Ecology program analyzes phytoplankton samples and provides phytoplankton community information for projects at several other institutions, including projects in Miami and the Antarctic.

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