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Dr. Carlos Yanes-Roca

Dr. Carlos Yanes-Roca

Staff Scientist

Dr. Carlos Yanes-Roca has over 14 years working in Aquaculture related topics mainly In Europe, North and South America and Asia. He has worked with a variety of species, such as salmon, trout, sea bream, sea bass, common snook, black snook, red drum, Florida pompano, greater amberjack, zebrafish, etc. Dr. Yanes-Roca works at Mote Marine Laboratory and at the University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budéjovice.  His main line of research at Mote focuses on snook larval rearing and husbandry. Dr. Yanes-Roca develops protocols for larval rearing to improve survival for either stock enhancement or commercial production. A significant amount of his research has focused on developing larval rearing methods for common snook in Florida and in Central and South America (Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica). His recent field research has focused on dispersal patterns of snook larvae in the wild to identify their movement patterns from hatching until they reach their recruitment areas. He has also studied the adult snook reproductive migrations and patterns in Tampa Bay, as well as in Sarasota Bay. 


BsC Honours degree in Marine Biology, University of Hull/NCSU

MsC in Aquaculture, Stirling University, UK

PhD in Aquaculture, Stirling University, UK


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